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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, I think it is a vice I would really enjoy using and it sounds like it is a quality product. I tie a whole range of flies from delicate size 20 trout flies to size 8 smallie nymphs up to 4/0 pike flies and from what I've seen the main advantage of the nor-vice is its ability to spin the thread on the hook quickly. Does that spinning technique apply the thread lightly enough to not break the small hooks but tight enough to bind together those big bulky flies? The NV is something I've contemplated buying for a long time but I think it will make a nice present to myself when I graduate college. :yahoo:
  2. Does anybody use a Nor-Vise or have comments about them? I'm just curious how people feel about them and how well they work. I've seen the guy that makes them at a few fly tying shows and he has a pretty cool presentation but they are still a little spendy for me.
  3. That's a good looking fly. If you are looking to make them dive deeper try using a convex curve on the front like you have and then a concave curve towards the back. (I could post a pic if you want but I don't have one right now). Also try using a short zonker strip in the tail to "anchor" the fly a little better and force the fly to go down when you strip it in. However I'm sure you'll have no problem getting fish to take them as is. --Chad
  4. I couldn't pick one so I just added 3. The first two are from the BWCAW. I'm the one with the fish in the first one and I was actually treading water when I caught that smallie The second one I wasn't fly fishing but I caught two fish on one cast on a rapala. You know their hungry when they do that. The third one is from last weekend which was the first time I've ever fished ND. --Chad
  5. I got mine as well. They were an impressive set of flies. Thanks for hosting Scott.
  6. After seeing this post I realized that I made the same stupid mistake-sorry guys. My flies are the olive/black/yellow poppers.
  7. I just finished up my fleet of poppers this morning. Can I get an addy?? Thanks, --CHad
  8. After looking at the list of swappers I wanted to double check how many flies we need to tie- should we tie 13 so that we don't get one of our own back? Thanks, --Chad
  9. I got my flies the other day-great tying everyone!
  10. Great Flies everyone! Can we get a material list for your fly breambuster? It looks like an effective pattern that I would like to add a fleet of to my panfish seeking arsenal. Thanks, --Chad
  11. I can tie them in a multitude of colors so if you guys that are also making poppers have decided on a color you should post it then I can choose a different one. --Chad
  12. I used to buy strictly Mustad for their cheap price but I'm slowly learning that you get what you pay for. After having one batch of flies rust before I ever used them I decided to start buying a little higher quality hooks. I also noticed that Mustad's tend to be made out of a much softer metal than other hooks and they would bend easily from fish and crush if the vise was too tight. --CHad
  13. I had a similar problem once when our family dog found several bucktails I had salted in our garage right after deer season. He thought he was pretty sneaky but I got the last laugh when he was plugged up for the next three days and did some funny walks across the lawn dragging his butt. Just recently he dicided to eat a golf ball and couldn't get it out so it cost my parents $1300 for surgery. He was lucky my dad loved him a lot because you can buy a lot of fly tying materials for $1300 to replace the ones he ate. :devil:
  14. I'm in- I will do a foam popper that is sanded to shape on a dremel. They work phenomenal right now in MN for monster bluegills up in the shallows. Thanks, --Chad
  15. They look great-I can't wait to see them in person and get them wet.
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