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  1. The funny thing about that artical is it was made using Clear Cure Goo. The whole reason it was written was to show how fast and easy you can make a spoon fly using CCG. But as the wonderful world of editors goes the changed it to say epoxy because CCG is not a advertiser of the mag. There is a video of how they did it on clearcuregoo.com
  2. I also have the dubit tool i got from Dave at Casters fly shop, I love it. I wouldn't use anything else.
  3. I order 95% of my tying materials from casters fly shop, they are simply the best. The only other place I order from is J Stockard.
  4. Very good looking fly, I may have to tie a few up.
  5. those are some really nice looking flys, I really wish I could tie like that.
  6. I got a Rite bobbin a few weeks back and i am really impressed with it, i think it will be what i tie with from now on.
  7. Ok, i have a dumb question? why do I you have to rotate the fly? what will happen if you just let them set and dry?
  8. do you have a Lg brown left?
  9. Ok I have never used epoxy before so I have a few questions. What is better 1min or 5min? Do I have to have a rotating dryer? Whats the best way to apply it? Thanks in advance for any help anyone my be able to give.
  10. It looks really good. I have ne using a portable tying station lately and I really like it better then my desk in the basement.
  11. I still have a hard time getting eggs right.
  12. Thanks for all the help, I think I am going to order one of those 100fly packs.
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