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  1. Hats off to you Horseshoes, you made my first fly swap something to enjoy and have definitly gone above with donating extra flies to cover the no repliers. Thanks again, hope to be in more swaps with you all, can't wait to see the new goods! Cheers
  2. I can almost see the devilish grin that went with taking those pics! lol Thanks for the torment, Horseshoes!!
  3. You do some amazing work on the Classics forum and I'm jacked about getting one of your flies. Thanks for the motivation to up my game for my second swap. :cheers:
  4. The Canada Post donkey should have started his trek your way sometime this afternoon. A dozen and couple extra goodies
  5. I'll second that! lol This was my first swap and the anticipation is killin me!! Just hope my flies are up to par, if anyone isn't satisfied just pm me and I'll send you more (tying abilities have vastly improved since!!)
  6. Yeah, that totally CONFUSED me for sure, BAD Mike :nono:
  7. Maybe try using a soldering iron or some other sort of flameless heat instead of a bic lighter. I've never tied anything like this before, but by the sounds of things, the flame is the problem
  8. All set for an addy! Just finished the 8th one now Cheers
  9. Check your browser settings and see what is checked to delete on closing, could be the problemo!
  10. I'm in - TBD for now, let ya know in a day or two! Cheers and thanks for doin this
  11. The infamous "slot"! they got me with that too ibian! 18 and change to get to a place i could drive to in 4 hrs!! lol Good ole Canada Post eh!! :poop:
  12. Ditto for me ... :headbang: Same here, no big rush Horseshoes
  13. Ha!! No way!! Me too! We should maybe see if we can get together and tie a few flies sometime, none of my buddies are into it, it'd be great to have someone to bounce ideas off of and critique ties and methods! Cheers
  14. Awesome, I've got a few more to send to anyway, in the rush on gettin out the flies earlier I forgot to toss in the few treats i had here for ya!
  15. Any word from the 2 no shows, Horseshoes?
  16. Veeeeery nice lookin flies!!! Those babies would catch salmon around here for sure! :thumbsup: What part of the world are you in?
  17. I'm in with a dozen Echo Beach salmon/steelhead wet flies if they're acceptable.
  18. Nice tye Micke!! Any chance of getting a materials on that one? Pretty sure that would work well around here! Cheers
  19. Hope everyone will take a moment today to remember the brave men and women who offered their lives on the beaches of France 65 yrs ago today. Because of them, we are able to enjoy such freedoms as this sport and hobby like we do today. We are forever in debt for their bravery.
  20. Check, check aaaaaaaand check!! Take a picture for me of any fish you catch. They help to get me through these rough days. :cry: Will do, my friend! Wish I had some of those famous Charms to toss at em!
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