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  1. salmo-salar They've hit here just this past week or so, off to get me some tomorrow!! :yahoo:
  2. Looks like a dandy spot you were fishing in that pic, Claudia! Very nice!
  3. Started with some cheapie Sunrise thing or something or other, after replacing a bajillion of those little washers at the clamp handle, i threw some cash at a Regal Medallion this weekend, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan what a difference, absolutely amazing gripping power and although it doesn't have "true" rotary, is still able to be rotated to view all sides. I haven't used any other vises, but it would take something out of this world to change my view of this stellar piece of gear! :thumbsup:
  4. Brookies, lots n lots of 10-12" inch brookies :wallbash: The good times start next week, there's already been a few grilse caught up north and the big boys have followed the Smelts in in droves, this time next week should be starting prime fishing and I can rid myself of the torture of fishing tiny little streams for tiny little fish!! lol
  5. This "Google" thing sounds interesting I might have to try it out lol, yeah it's crazy! Everybody's doin it these days!!
  6. Those are some nice Rats Nealbo, I've had great luck with those around here. We fish one called the Miramichi Rat, that has two end pieces of floss sticking out of the rear floss section. Nicely done!
  7. Ever heard of Google?? It's this great new thing that you type stuff into and the answer pops up! http://www.wwdoak.com/index.php?index=14 Page 3
  8. Salmon for sure, it was the first real fish i hooked on a fly rod and from then on I gag a the thoughts of a spin cast and worm. All weekend, every weekend, we hit a great honey hole about 2 hrs out of town, arrive friday night with a cooler of beer, camp out fish all day saturday, make a fire and another camp saturday night and out again on sunday after a great morning fish. I kept getting fly's that fell apart or looked like somebody had their 2 yr old tie em so i decided to give it a go myself and jumped into the addiction of fly tying! Haven't looked back since! :jumpy:
  9. Don't mean to thread jack here, but i had to jump in with a high five for Fred! Your realistics are mind numbing man, amazing job!! :cheers: What a fantastic swap you guys have on on the go!
  10. I was having the same problem with a few hairwings made with Squirrel tail, it seems that stuff is slipperey or something. I talked to someone here in town and he showed me how to add a few drops of head cement to the hair bundle before tying it on and to almost weave the thread through it when tying it down, kind of lashing little bits at a time instead of the entire bulk. Problem has gone away. Not sure if there's a specific pattern that is causing you more problems than others, but this is a great method for durability. Hope this helps and good luck.
  11. I repacked that stupid thing three times the day i sent it out before i went and bought those mints, the b***h at the postal counter kept trying to fit in through this little piece of board with a slot in it, the friggin envelope was all that was preventing it from passing. I just got fed up and paid it! lol Hence the name calling and dented tin me thinks!! Bein a noob kicksass! Thanks for the link, Horseshoes, much appreciated!
  12. haha good ole canada post eh, i knew the lady at the desk didn't like me after i called her a crook, she coulda left my poor altoid box alone tho!! :ripped:
  13. That first one is a beeeeeeeeeeeut!!!! I know some fishy friends not far north of here that would gobble that bad boy up!! Does the lil fella have a name?
  14. Bombers are in the air! Mailed them today
  15. I hope its the first of many too! Great job on the vid, great job on the fly! :cheers:
  16. http://www.fishingnet.com/brown_trout.htm
  17. utyer, you are a machine! What a great write up, very helpful indeed. Don't mean to "jack" this thread but I had to give kudos.
  18. Ready for your address Horseshoes, 12 bombers ready to fly!
  19. Big Momma must have given you quite a scare eh, got a lil somethin on your pants!! :cheers:
  20. So late September last year, my buddy calls me up and says he and his father are taking his grandfather for what might be his last fly fishing opporunity. Asks if I want to hit up this pool and switch seats with him every hour or whatever while the two older fellas stay in the three seater boat they have. I say sure, lets go. We get there to find 5 other boats in the same area, all anchored and casting into this amazing pool on the Main South West branch of the Miramichi river. It's kind of an uspoken rule that when someone yells "Fish On!!!" everyone in the pool yanks their anchor and reels in their lines to give the lucky angler a chance at landing their fish. Anchors especially, Salmon love to beat their heads of the ropes and dislodge flies. So i'm on the bank minding my own business, fishing and just kind of enjoying the day, when I hear my buddy's grandfather weakly yell out "Fish On!!" I'm thinking perfect!! couldn't have happened to a better guy. As the norm, everyone pulls their anchor and reels in their line and head for shore to let the old lad fight his fish....all but 2 idiots, that we came to find out later, were from the northern part of the province and not locals. My buddy's father, who is a 5' tall 160 lb sparkplug jumps up and not so kindly asks the two idiots in the canoe to get the **** out of the pool, they laughed and kept fishing. Needless to say, the old lad lost his salmon on their anchor rope, after about 15 mins of action. To this, my buddy's father promptly fires up the 2 horser and putts alongside the two idiots, picks up the 2 cinder block bundle he had for and anchor and drives it through the center of their boat!! I damn near fell in the water laughing at these fools floundering for their gear and beer while trying to tread water in their newly sinking boat! So i guess there's really two morales to this one, 1) respect not only your elders but your fellow fishers and 2) watch out for those 5' rednecks with cinderblocks!! :headbang: On a side note, we all brought every fish we caught last year to the old fella, hope he's able to get out this year.
  21. Two more to go, I'll need your addy before the end of the week! :headbang:
  22. Here's a link to some popular variations in my area: http://www.wwdoak.com/index.php?index=15 Just about any color is lethal in the warmer summer months, white body/orange hackle is best for evening. I've got a whole separate fly box full of these things, as does pretty much every other salmon fisher in NB!
  23. There's a decent one here: http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/f.../051407fotw.php I don't find the monofilament they added to be useful, I wrap the hackle from the head back and then follow it with thread down and back, this assures it wont break off. Also found that being to compacted cause the fish to spit them out, don't know why, but softer is better in my experience anyway. Hope this helps
  24. Thanks utyer, very much appreciated! Cheers
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