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  1. Whats the normal use for these? They seem to short and webby to spin and I'm wondering how they're used and how to work with them. Any tips would be great! Cheers
  2. I've been dying to get that way for years now; what's the fishing like in July? I have time off the first week and the last week. I've always found that July is the prime summer month, depending on what June is like and water levels, the first week of July usually has really hot fishing. Here's a link to last years reports http://www.flyfishingatlanticsalmon.com/reports.html , it gives a good idea (though I believe somewhat biased) on good fishing periods and what the boys were using.
  3. Have you tried your luck on the "Mighty Miramichi" yet? We've scouted that place for years now and have more than a couple honey holes where you can almost walk on the Salmon that hold there, lots of hiking and river crossings, but wow is it ever worth it! In the process of getting my Guides License, so if you get up this way and need one, give a shout!
  4. hehe, I've spent more than my fair share of time in Cape Breton and have many stories and scars to prove it! I'm from the Rock originally so i have to pass through there on my way home, plus I've worked on the road for almost 15 yrs. I have what it takes to go, they just don't have what it takes to keep me! :devil:
  5. Well I'm a Florida boy, can't get much more southern than that (Ya'll can kiss my grits!) However , I have been living in Nova Scotia for 3 and 1/2 years, so I guess I'm becoming Canuck....eh? Anyone wanna Keith's? :hyst: Wow, I can't even begin to imagine how many bottles of Keiths it would take to get used to being in Cape Breton after living in Florida! Looks like we're gonna have some dandy flies outta this one! This is my first swap and im really looking forward to it. Thanks for setting this up Horseshoes and thanks to everyone who joined up! Cheers
  6. I wish I was further south about now! This waiting for the "real" fishing season to get under way around here is absolute torture!
  7. I agree, but when someones just starting out, there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to buy. If a cheap set lasts for a year, it gives enough time to figure out what you feel comfortable with, without spending a bunch at the start and concentrate on accumulating materials. Equipment upgrades can be made down the road once your feet are wet and you figure out what you like and don't like. I'm just starting out tying as well and thats the outlook I have on it, but to each their own right.
  8. I got my gf to grab some at the place she buys her fingernail stuff, cuticle scissors i think they're called, around 8 bucks and they work great!
  9. with all these Habitans in the swap I thought we may had to change the swap name to the "Eh Swap" :j_k: Toss in a "y'all" and it would cover both sides of the border! hehe
  10. Surely we can find 2 more, maybe some habs fans even, they've got lots of time on their hands now! :hyst:
  11. I'm in - Yellow Bomber aka: The Dungarvon Whooper Just to clarify, it's one fly per tyer not 12 right?
  12. Thats 4! Should we shoot for 10 or is that a little too hard to coordinate?
  13. Yellow bodies and brown hackle on those work great around here too, shove a little flash and a red butt on it and hang on!! Nice tyes! :headbang:
  14. Right on! I haven't been a part of a swap yet and am really looking forward to it. Thanks for the responses, hopefully we can get a few of us together and get something rolling. Cheers
  15. Just joined the site and was wondering what kind of interest there would be in organizing a swap with us Maritime Canada folk. I'm in NB and have been tying for just over a year, but have some killer bomber patterns that have filled my tags 4 yrs running. I see that you have to particpate in 3 swaps before you can host one and was wondering if anyone from NB, NS, PEI or the Grand Ole Rock (home province) has the "qualifications" to get one of these under way! Cheers
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