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  1. Dusted off the vise over the last week after being away from it from almost 2 yrs. Not in Salmon country anymore so trying my hand at some trout patterns. Heads are rough, tails are long but daaaaaaaayum its good to be back at it. Lots of new names around and some fantastic stuff being pumped out, just proves this is the best fly tying site going. Cheers guys n gals. Keep 'em tight
  2. sweet fly! Just recently started tying nymphs, since im now out of Salmon country, and will DEFINITELY be making a few of these gems. Thanks for sharing this, nice work!
  3. If you're tying them to catch fish, check this link out (under the salmon flies tab of course) any variation in color works with these body types. http://www.wwdoak.com/doak.php Here's another for some classical pattern styles. http://www.salmonflies.com/hairwings/athertonminktail.htm If you're tying them to catch big dollars, be prepared to spend big dollars lol
  4. I always thought it was crazy to switch hands too, if you cast right and retrieve right like i do, but someone had me try a little test one day. Try reeling as fast as you can (think monster swimming at you head on and need to make up some line) with your right hand and then again with your left. If your dominant hand is doing the reeling instead of the holding, your retrieve will me much smoother, non dominant hand on the reel causes some major rod movement on fast retrieves. Hope that makes sense
  5. In the mail today, really looking forward to seeing what everyones come up with
  6. Nice and clean, the ribbing is perfectly spaced and the head is perfect. Very nice job indeed :thumbsup:
  7. I haven't been in a swap for awhile and would definitely be interested. What do you mean by freestyle? Like a freestyle full dress or a fishable pattern? We tie 1 and get a random back?
  8. Just got this in an email and thought some of you might like to have a look. Definitely some useful info. http://nsfa-adventures.blogspot.com/2011/0...+TO+DISCOVER%29
  9. Great idea utyer, thanks a bunch for the pics. I'm definitely gonna try to whip a few of these up, thanks again!
  10. I'd like to see a pic of that for sure, i tie ALOT of deer hair salmon bugs/bombers and would definitely like to try the blades for trimming.
  11. Takes a full winter to replace all those "borrowed" flies lol. It's nice when the people you give em to start catchin fish on them tho. Nice job on the ties
  12. Do you actually fish these or are they just for show? Very nice ties
  13. BLS, Lamb of God, Pantera, Amon Amarth, Opeth anything metal \m/
  14. 40 bucks! what!!!! thats insane!! HMH would do it for FREEEEEE Now that is a solid vise! Even if the damage is from improper use on the user's part? With no questions asked?
  15. Give Regal a call or email them, Mr Vegas. They replace chipped jaws for 40 bones so pretty sure they could hook you up with a fix. In my opinion it'd be worth it, Regals are a solid solid vise
  16. To be honest i hate the thoughts of moving out of here just for that very reason, i so enjoy the fishing around here it'll be really hard to leave Hope everything is well with you Horseshoes, my friend, Merry Christmas to you and yours, I hope its a good one, stay safe
  17. Anyone from there or been there that might know what the fishing is like? I just got a job offer to move there and whats in the rivers plays a big part in the decision lol. Any info would be fantastic.
  18. Nice tie! I really like the buggy look you have going on here.
  19. Yep, bombers are one of the most popular dry flies on the salmon rivers up here, a green machine is a variant of that fished wet and tied on a smaller hook, bug style, without having the horns or wings on the head like a bomber http://www.wwdoak.com/index.php?index=15 http://www.wwdoak.com/index.php?index=16
  20. extended body mayfly hooks i'd say, check out the pattern database, should find some good stuff on em there.
  21. Careful with the "exotics" like polar bear and seal, never know who'll read this stuff and get mental about it, maybe you just "saw" those amazing tying materials but didn't buy them until you looked into the local possesion laws Either way, that salmon bug is a dandy, im definitely gonna add a few of those to the box. They're called Green Machines up this way but mostly made with brown or orange hackle, that stuff you used seems to have a shimmer or something, i almost bit the monitor lookin at it lol
  22. dude that deer hair has salmon slayer written aaaaaaaaalllll over it!!! Very nice! What did you use for for hackle on that bad boy? Flies i tied 5 months in couldn't even be kept in my flybox for fear of scarin fish away lol, you're doing great!! Keep it up man, anything can be overcome with the right state of mind. Cheers bro
  23. Hey Big J, if you don't like reading other peoples opinions on a subject, stop askin for them. Searching Solitude just simply answered your question from his point of view, nothing more.
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