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  1. LOL, i hear ya there! Those are at the bottom of some very large bottles of Jack
  2. Man, Steeldrifter, thats some deep stuff. FT14, re read what the Man has typed over and over, thats stuff i wish someone had told me all those years ago!
  3. lol i dunno, i'll send you a couple deer hair salmon bugs anyway since thats pretty much all im tying these days. I don't want any back, you just tuck em away in case you get down to Cape Breton for some silver again anytime soon :thumbsup:
  4. Great idea Horseshoes, you really are an asset to this site. Cheers
  5. Just out of curiosity, what are the reasons for not giving them a little wash?
  6. Shouldn't be a problem to wash them, use Dawn or Sunlight or something mild and you should be good to go. Friend of mine has been using fresh cloves instead of those rancid mothballs now for years and says it works just as well, he changes the cloves when the clocks change in the spring and fall.
  7. I buried a #6 salmon hook in my upper arm last year in a wind storm and would definitely say that pushing the barb through and cutting the hook is the best way to take em out. I was way in the woods the day it happened and didn't have wire cutters in my backpack (do now) so i just clipped the leader, tied on another fly and kept fishing. On my way out i met up with a couple fella's and one says "hey, did you know you have a fly in your arm?" I said fur patches on vests are for pansies, i keep mine in my arm! Heeeeeeere's your sign
  8. Sounds like you got a feva, and the only cure is atlantic salmon :headbang: Come on over to the dark side
  9. Cheers to that fellas Fine metal jigsaw blades are a great cheap rake
  10. I been using a chunk of hacksaw blade on these fox faces all night, the dubbing thats coming off them is fantastic
  11. Got mine today too! Great hats, Will. I'll be wearin this beauty with pride
  12. I was watching a vid on youtube by the great Davie McPhail on these, and he suggested to lay a base of thread from the eye to the halfway point of the hook shank and then back towards the eye halfway again, as a tie in point for the wings. It really helps with "crowding the eye" which is the only minor flaw that i can see in these. I had a real problem with that and this helped. Great looking flies, you're doing very well Cheers
  13. So i picked up some great little fox masks at the latest fly tying expo in the area, but wasn't really sure what to do with them. The fur is really nice looking stuff, blackish tips followed by a white bar and then to a goldenish brown. I used if for tails on a few buck bugs, and small wings on another couple, but thought there had to be something more. Well i found this little gem of an article from across the pond last night, and for any "noobs" like myself, you'll be dazzled at the results of what you can do. The author should be commended, there was a lot of time put into this one. Check it out----> Linky Got some amazing new dubbing and whole new level of material need lol Cheers
  14. It'll get better, keep your chin up kid
  15. dayyyyyum, very nice pics, i think i might need a cigarette after looking at that last one...
  16. Quebec license plates? :hyst:
  17. That would be me, i sent you 3 pms about it
  18. Brook trout are native.... they are not even trout they are char. the LMB is also native... and so is the SMB to my knowledge. They're talking about using rotenone to get rid of the smallies that have started to invade the Miramichi River system up this way. http://www.asf.ca/news.php?id=511 I really don't know why they don't pony up the cabbage for a couple rec boats and have a 2 week open derby on them instead and give out prizes for most caught. Pretty sure we could fish em to extinction with far less damage to the environment than this rotenone stuff Its a touchy subject round here these days, some of the ideas the nippleheads in government are coming up with are ridiculous. And the funny thing is that they closed the season on smallies and stripers at the same time :dunno: Native or not these fish are causing some t-r-o-u-b-l-e
  19. Nice looking dogs but they look like they've done something wrong, either that or there waiting for food. Great pic Yep, thats the "holy s***, he's got treats" look lol
  20. Wait til you're married :boxed:
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