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  1. My lucky salmon magnet on the right and his buddy. Pretty sure he's part beaver too lol. He pulls small trees out to the shore and chews on em all day happy as a clam.
  2. Great advice on the tools, tony. I made the mistake of skimping on them when i first started and spending more on the materials. Definitely not the way to go.
  3. 100% feather/hair thrower, i used my bait rod for kindling two years ago on a canoe trip :gun_bandana: Thats some funny stuff, oatka lol
  4. i'd say you answered your own question with that link
  5. Welcome to the forum, what part of the Miramichi are you heading to? I fish that river and its tribs all the time. Some "gotta haves" would be white tailed green machines, shady ladys (bug style), green and orange bombers, black dose and echo beach. Depending on which stretch you're fishing there's some area specific ones that are helpful too. Check this link for some more good ones: http://www.wwdoak.com/index.php?index=51 Feel free to PM me for more info if needed
  6. Maybe you should trade it for some materials you mentioned that you need instead of just giving it all away. Just sayin...
  7. Looks that way. Have to keep it in mind though, maybe we can get one going for the fall run or something
  8. Thats some tight trimmin right there, very nicely done. Cabin fever is great eh lol
  9. Yep same thing i'm thinkin, how bout you tie up six patterns and i tie up six patterns and we swap em that way
  10. If that was posted anywhere but in a Fly Tying thread... :hyst:
  11. Ehhhhhxcellent, glad to have you on board JohnP :thumbsup:
  12. Details are wiiiiiiide open, pick your poison
  13. It'll make it, just going to cost the SM more to ship it back
  14. My local fly shop started stocking hockey card cases, they're just about a half inch thick and work great for just about anything other than a whack of puffy deer hair bugs. That 3/4" rule is out of control, like honestly, what glue sniffin fool came up with that, and whats the justification??? 3/4" its under 5 bucks, 7/8" its over 15 :bs:
  15. No set due date, lets see how much interest we get and decide from there. As for return postage lets leave it up to the sender. Seeing I'm in Canada, the only thing to watch out for is a thin package, if it doesn't fit through the infamous "slot" there's a huuuuuge jump in postage cost. Not to worry though we'll definitely get something figured out. Glad to have you aboard Sjo, looking forward to seeing some flies from over there :cheers:
  16. Any of you fella's/fellaette's up for a Salmon/Steelhead swap? Bugs, Bombers, Eggs, Wets whatever makes that Silver dance :devil: 1. Sjo - TBD 2. Jeremy Parker 3. JohnP - TBD
  17. I don't know if its right or not, but when making those hairwings, try to keep the tag closer to where the barb would meet the shank if you drew a line instead of so far back on the bend. It will give you a better flow
  18. Those white tailed bugs were lethal last season on the Dungarvon. I did real well with split wing bombers and yellow chenille bugs with flash tails on the LSW in the past, will definitely be adding a few of this one. Nice tie, good to see a fellow NB'er :cheers:
  19. Put me down for a L/XL Natural/white please and thank you
  20. Great thread fellas! Just picked up a little boat last week and going to start hittin the ponds on Salmon downtime. This is perfect! Great ties everyone, totally getting the vise itch
  21. J. Stockard, there's a link at the top of the page and you can be sure you won't be disappointed. Welcome to the Forum
  22. Wow thats a beut! I could stare at the way that hackle looks all day, Old Hat. Big fan right here! Cheers
  23. Ahh yes, the infamous slot. I remember wanting to jam the postal worker through it the first time i learned of that little tidbit. Canada Post is a joke, pigeons are the way of the future :headbang:
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