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  1. Uh oh, sounds like you've taken a liking to the silver, Horseshoes :thumbsup: Take a trip up this way sometime, i'll put you on some "brights" to try your flies on! Cheers
  2. Got mine today. :bugeyes: Amazing job guys, the pictures don't do them justice, these things are GEMS!! Most definitely worth the wait, hands down. Thanks for hosting this swap, Horseshoes, great idea and fantastic ties. Looking forward to your next swap theme creation :thumbsup:
  3. This is probably going to sound like a stupid question but what does 'soaking crests' mean? I think he means soaking GP Crests to straighten them out for them there fancy Salmon Flies, but i could be way off
  4. No problems with waiting from me, thats for sure. Don't get flipped out Frank, any fly i've seen that you've tied have been beauty's, you'll pull this one off too. Cheers Chuckingfluff, I'd be interested in that step by step if you still have it kickin around.
  5. Great to hear they arrived and glad you liked em, Horseshoes! They were great fun to tie and will definitely be tried out next summer. Sorry for the lack of communication on this one, fellas. Everythings back to normal now and i'll be able to spend some much needed time on this site again. Great lookin ties and photo's, thanks for hosting :cheers:
  6. Just looking at those mallard roofs makes my eye twitch, I can't get the hang of those things at all. Amazing job as usual Rocky, its always a pleasure viewing your work.
  7. Glad you enjoyed it, I did too. Those bombers are tricky little things to get the hang of but when it comes, its great and they actually start to be fun to tie. :cheers:
  8. Whaaat that sucks!!! How many were you able to salvage?
  9. Worth a shot for sure. Maybe put a wrap or two under the tie in point to get it to stand up like it does in the pic or something. Or maybe its two slips back to back like you said in your other post. I'm gonna give it whirl sometime this weekend too just for comedic factor if nothing else lol. Post how it works out for you and i'll do the same
  10. Here's a link for SBS for a General Practitioner, not the same fly but might have similar techniques. http://www.salmonflies.com/generalpractitioner.htm You can probably pick up a whole GP skin for 10 bills and have more red and yellow GP feathers than you'd use in years. Hope this helps
  11. Horseshoes, these things are fun as hell to tie! Thanks for the great swap idea, it's been a fantastic slump buster to tie something out of the ordinary. Cheers!!
  12. Flies went out today folks, just wanted to say thanks for a great swap and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. They will definitely be put to use here in Atlantic Canada and I hope they bring you luck in your neck of the woods. Cheers to all and thanks again.
  13. Weeelllllllll, I guess Rich's treatment program didn't work, can't stay away from this one it looks like a great bit of fun! I'm in with the lochdhu
  14. My girlfriend called me today to say the Salmo Salar's flies arrived, so all sets are here now. I'm out of town until tomorrow (Sept 22nd) and will send them out the following day (Sept 23rd) Just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for your hard work and effort on these, they may have been frustrating but I don't think anyone will be dissappointed. You guys are great!
  15. That Green Highlander should have two turns on the yellow and three on the green portion of the body, that i know for sure. As for a rule of thumb i've always thought 5 was it, looking forward to hearing about it though. Great ties ibian, very nicely done.
  16. Right on, my little Newfie buddy! Can't wait to see 'em
  17. Got yours today BDH, I think you were bein a bit hard on yourself. They look great even though you were one short. :smoke: Those extra's are very cool, btw, what pattern are they? Thanks a bunch!
  18. Welcome aboard, you'll never be the same again. You've embarked on an amazing journey and I envy you for the help you'll receive from both BDH and FF13, class acts and very talented. Just don't let the big fella show you how to tie Bombers, apparantly he has trouble with em! hehe
  19. BassBugn yours arrived today! Great looking ties and thanks for the extra's, you guys are too kind :cheers:
  20. Got yours today AF, very nice ties and thanks for the extra!
  21. Tying the hackle in at the eye after the hair is spun, wrapping back to the bend and following the hackle down and back with the thread makes them very durable as well. Elimates breakage so it doesn't come unwrapped. Just my .02 cents, there's a buncha ways to tye em Great SBS too by the way, one of the best I've seen for a Bomber :headbang:
  22. 9 months of swimming and all i got was this hat??? :ripped:
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