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  1. I like how that fox hair looks, I've yet to work with it but its definitly going on the pick up list for the next trip to the crack dealer Thanks for the list
  2. That is a BEAUTY!!! Any chance of getting a materials list on it? Very nice job
  3. Should I send you a box of tissues back in your return envelope? :smoke:
  4. Definitly going to try my hand at a few of those, thanks again for the great submission. You do very nice work.
  5. Very minor in the overall scheme of things in my opinion, the flow is almost mesmerizing. Did you use anything to build the body up under the floss or is it the ends of the calf tail extended through?
  6. Who chooses who gets who's flies? Is there a draw or something or does the Swapmeister get to pick?
  7. No, I don't. After tying in the hackle, i'll bring the thread back up to the head and then wrap the hackle, then tie it off. I used to do it like that too but found after a strike or two it would break the stem (i know there's a proper word for that but i cant remember it) and the hackle would let go and the fly would be toast. I started tying the hackle in at the eye, wrapping it back to the bend and following it back with the thread and then wrap to the eye again in a zig zag motion. That ensures that no matter where the hackle breaks, if it does, that it will stay put. I've heard rumblings around here that people don't like to tie these little beauty's lol, i can't figure out why. :dunno: Nice job
  8. The 3 tagable ones i took this year were all caught on a soaking wet bomber underneath the surface :dunno: Depends on the day i guess
  9. Ya dun did it again Old Hat, that's another beauty!! Very nice tie, that tag is tight.
  10. Addy sent, no rush. Might have to chalk this one up as the frustration swap lol
  11. I was giddy waiting for that to get here after seein the database submission for it, and it's everything i thought it would be. Great pattern and great tie Old Hat, thanks a tonne for that one!
  12. Man if you got Bombers in your hose, you got some major issues, addy sent my friend, rid yourself of the curse! :hyst:
  13. I don't know how this works either but i don't care, something like this sounds waaay too good to miss. I'm definitly in if there's room!
  14. Do you tie the hackle in at the bend or at the eye end of the hook?
  15. Got 'em today, and WOW did you ever do a fantastic job with those lil gems, im almost drooling just thinkin about throwin those this weekend!! And thanks for the extras, you do amazing work. :cheers:
  16. Thanks for the fun read fella's, now where's that dr phil idjet when he's needed? lol
  17. Just got mine today, great job fellas, thanks for hosting Brent!
  18. Awesome!! looking forward to seein those bad boys
  19. Whatever's easiest, I'll make sure they get back to you either way. Just try to keep the package as this as possible so it passes the dreaded canada post "slot" lol
  20. We'll just have explain to our south of the border friends that here in the east "snagging" is slang for a totally legitimate hook up! :headbang: How did the Margaree treat ya anyway? Snag any of the big fella's? :devil:
  21. Hehe, battle scars add character to em!
  22. That sounds like a dandy! Looking forward to seeing it
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