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  1. Thanks, vicrider, for stepping up and speaking out. Although I haven't been active on this forum for some time, I would hate to see it go. I was just starting out tying when I found it, and I learned so, so much from the flies I got in the swaps. When I meet someone new to fly tying, I always tell them about this website. Although postage may have gone up, it is well worth what one can learn from the swaps.
  2. Got mine flies in today's mail. They all look great. Thanks pickin6 for hosting this one. It was fun to be back.
  3. I haven't participated in a swap in 3 years... I have so many flies I just stopped. But it's time to get back in. I'll do a modified wooly bugger if you'll have me.
  4. Got mine in today's mail. Great bunch of lures... thanks for letting me in!
  5. Sorry to hear about your loss, Adam. Pass mine on to someone who could use it.
  6. Address still the same, Breambuster? Mine are tied.
  7. Got mine today. Great flies, great tiers, great swapmeister! Thanks.
  8. Got mine in today's mail. They look great. Thanks, WMW4.
  9. Took mine to the post office just now. I almost feel guilty, this fly is such a simple tie.... almost. I have caught all kinds of gills, keeper largemouth bass, crappie and even a 20" channel cat on this fly.
  10. I'm in. Great idea for a swap.
  11. Not to brag, but I took the black wooly bugger I tied for this swap up to my neighbor's pond for about 45 minutes. Here's the result. (Note the crappie is 14" if you straighten his tail fin).
  12. I did get confused there for a moment, wmw4. While I had everything spread out on the dining room table and doing the sort, our new kitten jumped up on the table. I could just see flies and envelopes flying everywhere. But seems I just lost count. Sorry.
  13. Kudu, it was in the list I selected, but all I could find towards a pattern was an excerpt from a book that was for sale on a website. The book is Modern Terrestrials: Tying & Fishing the World's Most Effective PatternsBy Rick Takahashi, Jerry Hubka Here's the link to it: https://books.google.com/books?id=3N6UBAAAQBAJ&pg=PA183&lpg=PA183&dq=pattern+j%27s+grinchworm&source=bl&ots=apHBhCG13T&sig=AmCfHp37-3dtkhYMp98lzjKh3zA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi1z_b6ornSAhXl5oMKHTQzB-0Q6AEIJzAC#v=onepage&q=pattern%20j's%20grinchworm&f=false That's all I could find. Which is why I took it.... didn't want someone else to have to search like that!
  14. I got the last set of flies in today and have divided them up. They will go out in tomorrow's mail. Mike West sent 2 divers for each tier. For those of you who sent extras, much appreciated. I have gotten my neighbor, a life long catfish fisherman, into fly fishing. I loaned him my old rod until he bought his own, and have been tying flies for him. I will share some of the extras with him, if it's okay with you guys. I've already told him about this site and he plans to join as soon as he gets a fly tying kit. Great bunch of flies, and everything went without a wrinkle! Thanks, guys!
  15. Got mine today. Great work, great swap, great swapmeister. Thanks for hosting, BB.
  16. I'm not sure if the pic is going to post or not... just going to try. I found a pattern for the Grinchworm on the web. It called for using backing line to connect the foam pieces. But I didn't have any without unreeling my fly line. So I substituted needlepoint thread. It's multi-stranded and comes in a million colors. I bought a bag of it at a yardsale real cheap.
  17. Bertgwen, addy sent in pm. Kudu, I took it because I couldn't find it in the fff data base. I ordered some foam tubes to make it, but not being that familiar with tubes the ones I ordered were a bit too large. So I used a leather punch and cut the cylinders out of flip flops. They are made of closed foam, so they don't get water logged and sink, and you can get a pair for a dollar in any color you want! They just don't always cut as neatly as store bought cylinders. I saw you were in Kentucky as well, but we're still several hours away from each other.
  18. Carrot Nymphs by wmw4 arrived today. Looks to me like there are going to be some mighty happy bluegill... that is until they realize they are hooked.
  19. Today's mail brought sponge spiders by vcrider and poppers from djh262; both looking good. Private message with addy sent, Kudu.
  20. Vincente's Woolly Worms arrived in today's mail. They look great.
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