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  1. I voted Mustad, that's what I'm using for my salmon flies and some trout flies. I use Eagle River hooks when possible, they're great.
  2. None of the shops I deal with down there carries it and For what it would cast in duties and tax to have it shipped across the border, it wouldn't be worth it. I do have a lead on getting it, a guy I know here is trying to get it for me. Will see what happens.
  3. Anyone know where I would be able to buy softex here in Canada, I've been looking everywhere.
  4. I did even notice the spelling, but I think TYER looks better.
  5. Smelt Muddler to be exact, my favorite for early season trout. Great pattern.
  6. All I use now are nubby tack boxes, love them. Haven't found a problem with them yet.
  7. I've tyed up lots of flies. Mosly local patterns for the opener wich was today. Didn't get out though. I tyed some Smelt Muddlers, Lester the Lobster, Bras D'or Creepers, also some Black Ghosts and Mickey Finns. Heading out for some browns when I get off work at 3:00 am.
  8. I've been tying for 15 years, tied mostly trout and salmon patterns. I only fish for trout now, so now I only tie trout flies. I have become interested in rod building the last few years, so I only tie what I need now.
  9. The 100 packs are great if your just starting. If you find yourself buying alot of the 100 packs, buy the whole cape or saddle. It will be cheaper. I prefer the Whiting Silver Neck Capes for my dries. I tie a wide range of sizes and the cape will offer the best range. With the silver there is no problem tying from 6 down to 20, wich it the size range I tie. I use indian cape or grade 3 metz saddle for wets, streamers and nymphs. i find the strung hackle too short for ribbing big streamers like buggers.
  10. WOW, that is a great pattern and step by step instructions as well. I would definitly like to try some of those Shrimpziods here for browns in the salt. I bet it would be a killer pattern.
  11. This is going to be a great organization, something us Nova Scotians need. Damian, will give you a call on the weekend.
  12. My favorite hatch here in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. let's see. It would defifitly be the flying ant hatch all the way. Nothing like a lake covered in ants and trout gorging themselves on them. They will take just about whatever hits the water then.
  13. They are a regular hatch here on my favorite summer lake. They hatch here as the sun sets. A little earlier then where most of you fish I see. Here they hatch from late July to early September. I haven't seen any fish take them off the water. I have a few imitations I have used and never caught anything on them. They are huge mayflies. I have taken some samples with a stomach pump and found that the brookies do take the nymph stage. Going to give them a try this summer. I am a new member here and would just like to say, this is a great site and I enjoy reading through it.
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