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  1. Here's a link to tying them with crochet hook tying legs
  2. Davie is a great tyier have a look at his site http://www.youtube.com/user/DavieMcPhail
  3. Here's a link to Davie McPhails youtube page, as Dafunk says he's the master http://www.youtube.com/user/DavieMcPhail
  4. Hello Robert I haven't been tying long myself, i didn't buy a kit when i started i just went and bought a few essentials like: a vice (mine is a little cheap thing till i can afford something better), Scissors, Bobbin holder, Hackle Pliers, Dubbing needle, and a Whip finish tools (a lot of people use there hands to whip finish as they find it easier than using the tool). They are the main things i think you need, but as time goes on you will find that you might need some more. I guess you'll get a few more posts from other members telling you of other tools that will be handy.
  5. Thanks for these pictures m8, was planning on getting a new bobbin, but after seeing this i think i will try making a few of my own, great work
  6. Here's one i tied last night, i made the wings for this fly using a material called hemming web it costs about a £1 here for loads of it, (it's an iron on material for hems on clothers). i cut a few centimeters and varnish it and leave it to dry then fold it over and cut out my wing design.
  7. Thanks utyer, i guess it's just like riding a bike you never forget how to do it.
  8. Sorry i ment to put this in Flies from the vice section, would be grateful if a moderator could move it, Anyway Hello everyone, been at the vice today and thought i'd tie a parachute, i have only started tying again in the past 3 weeks or so, i did however tie flies about 4 or 5 years ago but gave up any way here it is, please feel free to leave a comment on what you think of it or how i can improve it.
  9. WOW! they are some amazing realistics :thumbsup:
  10. Hello everyone been on here a few weeks so decided it's about time i say hello just started tying again after about a 4 year break, i sold all my tools and materials back then, which was stupid, (some lucky guy bought around £600 worth of gear for £160). i didnt' think i would get back into it, but over the past few weeks i have. Been having a look around the site especially in the fly gallery and have seen some beautiful flies. hope i get as good as some of you on here one day if i can manage to get myself a camera i will eventually post some of my flies up for you all to comment on.
  11. Love your flies can you tell me what materials you used
  12. Nice fish you got there. Seems there is nothing wrong with your flies. Thanks Horseshoes, was a nice 6lb 6oz rainbow, caught it about 5 years ago.
  13. Thats one beautiful fly shez, if i made that or was good enough to make a fly like that it would go in a frame, there's no chance that would see the water.
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