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  1. I had a Presentation 2000 and I didn't care for the overly mechanical ratcheting rotary arm and the overall hight of the vise. It looked good and the quality was there, it just didn't feel right to me.
  2. Make a stop to the sewing side of Wal Mart and pick up a spool or two of Coats and Clark Rayon thread. I have more than a few colors of the stuff as it makes a great substitution for silk. It also makes a great ribbing for dries and just about anything else you can think of. I have an old Thompson bobbin that I bent out enough to put on the spool and simply wrap it on like I am starting a hook while keeping my working thread at one end or the other. http://www.coatsandclark.com/Products/Machine+Embroidery/Threads/Rayon/Coats+Rayon+Thread.htm
  3. I use UTC 140, good and strong, plenty of colors.
  4. Nothing fancy, just a size 20 midge that I whipped out real quick to see if I could still do a 20.
  5. Nice vise! You don't see too many X1's. I was looking at one pretty hard but decided to go with a Prince instead.
  6. I use a base primarily because I like to rest my elbows on the table when I tie. I have only used one C-clamp but it was so long ago I forgot what it was like. Maybe I'll pick up a C-clamp for travel seeing how it's lighter.
  7. I use a Dyna-King Prince and love it. It does what it should without getting in the way or being complicated.
  8. That IS very cool. Very thoughtful too.
  9. If I remember correctly they were extended body flies if that helps. The article would have been old, say early 2000's.
  10. They were standard mayfly duns but were different and very well proportioned. I don't remember the tier or I'd track him down myself. Any search with anything "Japanese" and "fly" gives you nothing but tenkara. There are plenty of folks in Japan that fish with western fly gear and they tie some very beautiful flies.
  11. A good while ago there was an article I saw in a magazine I believe was Fly Tyer that showcased a Japanese tier's beautiful flies. I wanted to try and capture the feel of that style of fly but my search only comes up with tenkara flies, not what I am after. Does anyone know the names of different style Japanese flies other than tenkara? Is there a showcase of modern Japanese flies somewhere? Thanks!
  12. Norm is a nice guy, in fact his personality was a large reason I bought the vice to begin with. As much as I would like a Renzetti Master I know I will never get one. Not because of the $700 for the vice but because the reputation for surliness they have developed over the years. Don't pewp where you eat kinda thing. Now Norm on the other hand will spend all the time it takes to help you, it's just good maintenance in the purest sense.
  13. It doesn't at all really. The only thing it doesn't do that I like to have for deer hair is I like to rotate the base of the vise away from me so I can look at the back of the fly sometimes. The mounting board makes that a little awkward. Besides, I was kinda grasping for reasons to buy another vise. I do adore my Nor, it has become my favorite of all the vises I have owned out of a Traveler and a HMH Spartan. It didn't take me long at all to get the hang of it. Also, what seems to be frequently over looked is the crazy hook hiding power and the sheer elegance of the vise. Norm did a great job.
  14. I forgot to mention my wish list vise, that would be a Renzetti Master for tying deer hair bugs. For everything else I can't see myself using anything but the Nor.
  15. The NorVise has no real problem with hook access unless you tie well into the bend. I love my NorVise, I wouldn't be without it.
  16. I too like my Nor Vise. After just a short time on it, I can't see myself tying on anything else.
  17. I have a Spartan as well and I have tied a few times on the Standard. The only use I saw for the knurling was tying deer hair bugs. I found myself holding onto the vise with my left hand at the knurling while I was pulling tightly with my right to flair the hair. Not really needed but kinda cool. I like the shorter shaft of the Spartan better anyway.
  18. I have four standard size Rite bobbins and one Cermag. I love them! I also have a handful of Tiemco bobbins laying around.
  19. For trout, I fish with nothing but fiberglass. In my opinion it is the best material for the job. I love the feel and the slower pace. The rods just force me to slow down a little and pay more attention to everything around me. The only graphite rods I will have from here on out are salt sticks.
  20. I love this fly. I have always had a sweet spot for wets and flymps. The color on your Tups is beautiful, I bet it would kill on the Hendrickson hatch. Nice job! Now I gotta go get some wool.
  21. I started with a Thompson Model A. I liked it but the holding power wasn't that great. Then I tried the rotary thing but it didn't fit me. Since I liked the way the Model A worked but wanted better holding power I decided on a HMH Spartan. The Spartan is everything I wanted and needed out of a vise and is a joy to use. I have all the jaws but use the standard jaw about 90% of the time.
  22. My favorite is the coffee grinder used for mixing dubbing.
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