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  1. Improvised little brown trout. Hook: daiichi 2340, size 8 Thread: red Belly: white bucktail Throat: white schlappen and red cdl fibers Body: hot yellow wire Wing: dyed yellow and natural squirrel tail Overwing: peacock herl Eyes: pheasant flank feather
  2. I like the look of a ringneck pheasant flank feather trimmed up, though it is a bit limited in the colors of fly it works with. I've been meaning to try slicking it back with something for smaller flies. Here's an example of one dyed yellow.
  3. A couple of bucktail streamers, possibly for display. From top to bottom, a Gierach Special, Mickey Finn, and Catskill streamer.
  4. Let's see...smallest is size 8 4x long (tmc9395), and the largest is size 4 6x long (tmc300).
  5. Been building up a collection of crayfish in different sizes. claws - gold variant barred rabbit strip antennae - pheasant tail legs - partridge or pheasant rump feather eyes - melted mono and black polish shell - antron yarn, light brown, dark brown, and olive mixed body - angora dubbing, ginger, brown olive, and fiery brown mixed rib - gold wire weight - gold tungsten jig bead
  6. Thank you! That's very encouraging to hear, since it took hours to crank that thing out.
  7. Trying to learn featherwing streamers. This latest attempt was supposed to be a young brook trout. body - gold tinsel throat - white schlappen belly - orange and white bucktail underwing - golden pheasant crest wing - red and olive saddle hackle shoulder - ringneck pheasant body feather dyed olive eye - ringneck pheasant flank feather dyed yellow
  8. An all-pheasant prince nymph. Hook - #14 Thread - Black Tail - Golden pheasant tippet Ribbing - Gold wire Body - Peacock sword Thorax - Peacock herl Wing - Amherst pheasant tippet Legs - Ringneck pheasant feather (heart shaped?) Head - Gold bead
  9. Nice! This gives me a game plan for a trip to my nearest fly shop in Orlando, and for putting together a cart for an online order (I'm overdue anyway).
  10. Thanks! I'm planning on getting most of my tying done this month so hopefully I'll have some successes to share. Time to start planning a materials order...
  11. I bought this Green Drake cripple at least a decade ago from The Feathered Hook in Coburn, PA. And while I've moved to Florida since then, this fly has served me well every year I've made it up north for the Green Drake hatch. Now, it's getting a bit rusty and I want to tie up some more for this spring. I'm not a beginner, really, but I'm rather rusty and was never much good at identifying wet fly feathers. I've almost used up all the feathers that I moved down here with, and I'm not sure what I'd need to order. I appreciate any help and advice. Thanks!
  12. It gets a little logged. Alpaca does wick moisture like wool, but I don't think it absorbs as much or gets as heavy as wool does. I think part of this is because alpaca contains hollow fibers, and so it stays a bit lighter. I have made a few trout dry flies with it, and they floated decently enough. Though, they'd probably do better if I could find a source with more guard hairs in it. Unfortunately, guard hairs make for a particularly itchy yarn , so I'm not sure where I'd get them. Probably an alpaca farm...but that's work.
  13. Of course! For the white fly shown above I actually used a bamboo fiber yarn and a size H crochet hook. The tail and collar is arctic fox. Cool! I'll have to try that sometime, too. Agreed, that's what I've read about this stitch too. Also, natural fibers can be straightened out with a short soak and drying in proper shape (through just fishing it usually works).
  14. Yeah you can furl, but I think this looks better, it's still dead easy, crochet hooks cost at most $1.50 at full price, and some already have them for knotting legs or weaving bodies. Also, it's a pain adding tails to furled bodies, but this is easy. I've uploaded a sample pattern with instructions: Crochet Damsel Nymph And here's something else you can do with the technique:
  15. Thanks! Never made a video though, so I'll link to a youtube crochet tutorial for now, and see if I can get photos to work for me in the light of day. How to crochet a chain The only thing they don't show in this video is how to fasten off, but it's easy. Cut the yarn, and pull it all the way through the last loop, and it's done (shown in last step of the link from the first post). As long as you secure it with glue, you can add extra tailing material in this step by pulling it through with the yarn, I'll post a photo of this in the morning.
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