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  1. Size 18 Wooly Buggers? Wow. Baby Buggers! Do you use chenille, or dub the body? Tail? Mike, Sorry It has taken me so long to reply - I was out of the loop for a while. I use Black Marabou Blood Quills for the tail. A bit longer than the length of the hook shaft. Wrap in a Hackle tip at just before the marabou. On the 18 and smaller, I don't use any chenille, just wrap the hackle to the eye. Tie off and make a nice thread cone head. I know, the way I do the hackle is backwards. The trout out here love the black buggers. Doug in Colorado
  2. That is one nice rainbow. Doug in Colorado
  3. It's not the large fly that matters. You can catch any size trout you want. What will matter is the tippit. Don't underestimate the 20-22 size flies. That's all I use. Of course don't underestimate the brookies either. I am an ultralight fly fisher (<3 wt) and the brookies are fun on a light rod. Cheers, Doug in Colorado
  4. I use a lighted mag but I just got it about a month ago. It is nice but I tied for a long time without. 99% of the time I don't tie anything larger than an 18. My favorite is a 20 RS2 (see avitar). I have some 18 wolly buggers if I want to use an attractor. Cheers, Doug in Colorado
  5. I prefer a Peak. Cheers, Doug in Colorado
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