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  1. Yes, I’ve had the same problem. I thought it was just me.
  2. Agreed, but my problem is I’m trying to fit into a specific dimension in one of the drawers in my fly tying desk. The box shown above as “option 2” is too big in one of the dimensions. I am hoping that three of the Hareline tubes will efficiently fit the space. If this is the case, it will nicely fill my needs. I’m using this for floss spools. If I can get 21 spools accommodated, that would be just great.
  3. Thanks flytire. I think maybe you misunderstood my request. I had no doubts that the thread or floss spools would fit in the tubes. Rather, I was concerned with how many tubes I could stack (side by side) in the space I have available for them. To know this, I’d need to know the dimensions of the square part of the tubes, since this is the widest dimension. I was hoping that somebody had a set of these tubes and could make the measurement, hence my request. Sorry for any confusion.
  4. Most thread spools are 1” diameter.
  5. Thanks flytire. Those appear to be the same tubes. I’m not clear on whether the 1-3/8” refers to the diameter of the tube, or the dimensions of the square part of the end cap.
  6. Anybody own a set of these? I’m interested in knowing the dimensions. Specifically, the total tube length, and also the dimensions of the square end caps. They seem like a good idea for storing floss spools and the like, but I want to know how many tubes I can fit in my desk compartment before I order them.
  7. I’m grasping for the term that is used to define what type of wire is used in the manufacture of a fly hook. Some hooks use wire that has a round cross-section (e.g. Mustad 36891), while others use wire that is somewhat flattened (e.g. Mustad 9672). What is the term for this?
  8. My pattern will be a Great Pumpkin (streamer).
  9. I believe the Sir Conrad was actually presented to William Conrad, who at the time was the host of the TV Series “Outdoor Life”.
  10. So sad. Another great one gone.
  11. I have collected many of his films over the years. He was the best!
  12. gadabout


    Thank you Will. Welcome back!
  13. Flies from the following tiers were unmarked as to the fly name. Would these tiers be so kind as to provide the names of the pattern they tied? Thanks! 1 - vicrider 3 - Stabgnid 5 - John 1986 11 - Sandan
  14. By the way, would it be possible to list the fly pattern name next to each tyer’s name in the first post? Many of the flies I received did not have the fly name printed on the toe tag, so I don’t know what they are.
  15. My flies arrived today. Thanks to Kim and all the other tiers!
  16. I’ve only started using kapok recently, but I like it quite a bit. It is very easy to dub with. When it comes to floating a dry fly, I use all the help I can get. Starting with the right choice of material, I like treat the flies with Water Shed after they come off the vise, then apply Loon Aquel floatant at the stream.
  17. Hi Kim, I believe you have received my flies, but it’s not shown as such in the list. :)
  18. No, not really. I just drop it in a bin meant for leaving packages after hours. How could that bin even exist if you had to make a declaration for every package?
  19. This rule is news to me. I’ve shipped many packages by dropping them in a bin at the post office. I never had to make a declaration of any kind.
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