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  1. Got mine in the mail this morning. Ended up tying hollow deceivers.
  2. Feels like I havent been in a swap in forever. Im in
  3. Diver eating largemouth
  4. Nice to see my hair bugs being put to work.
  5. Got a couple good ones on my flies. First is a serious creek largemouth on your hair slider. Pretty rare to run into a largemouth this size on our Ozark creeks. Second is a a smallie on one of popper blanks you sent. The "Tag Team Popper" caught over half my fish on Tuesday.
  6. Smallmouth from a little Ozark creek
  7. Not what I was after but gar are always fun bycatch
  8. Thanks Mike for not only hosting but also tying the set I received. I fish for smallmouth at least twice a week all summer so theyll get plenty of use. Hopefully I can get some pics of them in smallie mouths this week.
  9. You can keep it. Ive got like ten more just like it. Plus I can get a new one for about two bucks.
  10. Got mine in the mail this morning. My flies are definitely more on the bass side of things but I did make sure to tie one panfish fly for each category. Also I tied an extra for each category so you can pick out three for yourself. -Mike
  11. It peeled out of the weeds and followed almost all the way to the boat before eating maybe ten feet out. Since I hooked it so close things went super smooth. I basically netted it two seconds after setting the hook then it immediately spit the hook in the net. Snapped a pic and let it go.
  12. My leader is pretty simple. On my sinking line its 18 of 40# flouro then 18 of 40# wire ending with a fastach clip. On the rare occasions I use my intermediate I bump both sections up to 2 foot each.
  13. Ive fished everyones flies a couple times the last few weeks. No fish in the boat yet but Ive had 3 follows and an eat. I had a lazy follow on your black/ orange fly, Tom. The other two and the eat were on Kevins. The eat was pretty crazy. I saw it flash on one of my first strips but thought it was gone by the time my fly was boat side. The second I turned the fly into the 8 it came out of nowhere and smoked Kevins fly. The musky thrashed once and spit the hook. Headed back out Monday and Tuesday.
  14. Got mine. Good job everybody. Should get them wet in a couple of weeks. -Mike
  15. The body is all reverse tied. White on bottom/blue on top then white bottom/ purple top switching back and forth all the way to the head. It all blends together but in reality its blue/purple stripes.
  16. Glad they made it. Thats one of the last sets Id want the post office to lose. The head actually isnt reverse tied at all. You use hair from right at the base of the bucktail and stack and trim it like youre making a bass bug.
  17. Mostly white with a hot accent color or black with orange/red are my go to colors. Theres tons of bluegill so I try to imitate them as well but attractor colors end up on the end of my line usually.
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