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  1. I'd like to say hello to all, as I return to this forum after a nearly 7 year hiatus - my last login was June 28,2011. Much has happened in the past 7 years, including much fly fishing, graduating from college, and much more. I'm surprised I remember my login, and it's great to see this forum going strong. Here's to fly tying and the great outdoors... - Jake
  2. I have been introduced to shuttlecock type of flies, where the cdc extends over the eye and acts as your flotation device, and the hook shank is perpindicular to the surface. Well, I was thinking. What if instead of CDC, I used foam instead. Do you guys think this would work. I tied one and it sits good, but the foam goes deep into the water. Is this look going to effect the fish's look on things, or not? Or should I just stick with CDC? I want to use foam because im short on CDC and foam floats longer. I plan on attaching a dropper, so it needs to float good. I got a picture to try and show whats goin on. Its really bad quality but I put some captions to try and explain.(Look at the ends of the lines, Im bad with computers) Thanks for the help Jake
  3. Mine are in the mail and should be there in the next few days.
  4. Im no master tyer but ill do my best. If you have the whole skin of the squirrels then you could you could use a fine comb and get dubbing from it. This dubbing could be used for any kind of nymph like hairs ears and czech nymphs. Dont suggest for dries because its a little to rough. If you have the tail then it could be used for different salmon whole wing flies and such. Ive never used opposum to i couldnt tell ya Never used fox either but i understand that you can use the tail hair to use for streamers. Im not really sure about cat but dog can be used the same as the squirrel. Depending on the dog you can use the under fur for some nice "buggy" dubbing. I have a chocolate lab that use all the time for dubbing, but then i have an english springer spaniel and she has no under fur, so it cant be used. Ive never used raccoon Ive never actually used beaver either but understand that its basiclly the same as muskrat. This can be used for dries or wets. The muskrats and beavers underfur sheds water, and therefore is a good dry dubbing. Ive never used skunk Horse can be used the same as bucktail in patterns such as clousers. Deer bidy hair can be used for wings in comparaduns. Also can be spun for poppers. The tail can be used for clousers. As far as the birds go, most birds have tail or wing or shoulder feathers that can be used for such things as classic wets. Most of these have the quality of being able to "marry" to other sections of feathers. They have microscopic hair like things that can combine with other feathers. This gives the bird the ability to fly, and without it the bird wouldnt be able to fly because the barbs would seperate.These charecteristics basically go with all the feathers on your list. The turkey feathers have many uses. The flats can be used as wings on your dries. The tail and wing feathers can be used the same as above. They can also be used as wings for your dave hoppers and can also be used as wing cases for your nymohs. I personally never use them for cases because i can use a much cheaper feather and still have the same effect. If you have any other questions you can PM me.
  5. Yes that is me. I'm sorry I totally forgot about the toe tags.
  6. Sorry for the wait. My flies should be there by friday at the latest.
  7. Well, I know there has been a lot on here lately discussing portable stations and benches and such. I just finished this a few days ago and would like to share. It isnt really for streamside purposes, but could be taken anywhere around the house and in the car if needed. It flips open just in case you couldnt tell The top is made of maple incased in black walnut, then by cherry and then by black walnut again.
  8. R50's aren't quite as up to snuff for dry flies as much as R30s are. But R50s can work in a pinch! Ok so do you guys have a suggestion for hackle since it seems to be the problem. The "cape" that I have I purchased at a a a very cheap price and it's a number 2 grade. I was actually dreading that my hackle was to long because that's just about the shortest I have. Is there a possibility that I could trim all the hackle around to make it shorter? Sounds a little unconventional but I don't think the fish would mind, or would they? I hate being a poor fly fisherman
  9. How I have been doing the test is take the fly and throw it under hand into water. The first fly seems to sit facing upward. Using the info that you guys have given, I guess the leader will fix that problem. And yes they are dry fly hooks. Im not really sure what the reference number is but its a Mustad Standard R50-94840 I was actually looking at them earlier today and thought they were quite wide for a dry hook.
  10. Ok so here is 2 of them that dont seem to sit right .
  11. It doesnt have macro settings :wallbash: Pretty much all cameras have it now a days even if its a cheaper one. Look on the top dial and see if there's a icon that looks like a little flower, that will be the macro setting. Wow my moms 400 dollar camera doesnt have one but my sisters 50 dollar camera does. Ok ill have pictures in a few minutes.
  12. It doesnt have macro settings :wallbash:
  13. Ok so if my hackle Is to long is there a way to fix it? Jake if your newer to tying dry flies then I'd suggest picking up a Hackle Gauge http://www.jsflyfishing.com/cgi-bin/item/O...=OF-900630-0000 its a very cheap tool but it will help you get the proper size hackle for the hook size your tying on. After awhile you'll be able to judge the right size hackle by eye once you get use to tying dries. But for $2 the hackle gauge will help you out quite a bit to get them right for now. Steve I took about 50 pictures of the same fly and only one of them turned out and its far away and doesnt really show anything. I dont have the proper lens to take high quality close ups. I can post if you think you could see the proportions.
  14. Ok so if my hackle Is to long is there a way to fix it?
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