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  1. looks like something the cat brought in ! bug ! cheers, marc
  2. they're very nice George. thanks for sharing ! cheers, marc
  3. alright Mystery Man, what is it ? looks interesting. cheers, marc
  4. simply lovely Rex, as all your flies. thanks for sharing. cheers, marc
  5. very pretty bug Dave. it's got 'catchalot' written all over it cheers, marc
  6. hi, if you're only going to tie small flies it might be of interest to just get packs of selected hackles in the size range you need. several suppliers including the big houses, Whiting and Metz offer this option. that way, instead of investing in half-capes you could get several packs in different sizes and colors for the same amount of cash. cheers, marc
  7. nice one Terje! the glue is a nice realistic touch. we close down on trout waters in two weeks too. will give it a try tomorrow ! cheers, marc
  8. just click on 'this photo is currently unavailable'. yeah, i know. lotta things don't make sense in life... cute pup cheers, marc
  9. i don't see a hook there Roy. me thinks you just picked up some bug and put it on an old rag... :yahoo: :hyst: , marc
  10. it's not exactly a photo blog but i like to include pics. Fly Casting France cheers, marc
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