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  1. Merry Christmas from Down under! Thank you so much Rudy C. The trout flies will travel to Tasmania with me at end of Jan. And Chris from LA, the salty box has some amazing flies. Thank you too! I hope there are some happy people who received my offerings this year! I'm sorry I don't participate much any more .... And Vicrider. Thank you for your work year in and year out. Thank you again!
  2. an unweighted prawn... Shell pink flat waxed nylon Marabou Epoxy eyes 30lb hard mono for the weedguard. Size 2 mustad c70sd
  3. Wow @utyer Thanks for playing. Looking forward to playing with this one!
  4. A few impressionistic crabs to complement a bunch of shrimps. I've posted them before, but just in case. A couple of good mates were looking for a fly that would suit some of our local flats dwellers... a few tweaks on Del's merkin and the VGDC was born (Voltzy's Goldy Destroyer Crab)... This batch contains a couple of size 2's as well as 1/0s... and a colour combination that suits both Golden trevally and permit. Marabou Rooster cape feathers Epoxy/mono eyes Yellow round rubber legs EP fibre or similar (e.g. congo hair) Large dumbbell eyes
  5. No problem man. Take your time.
  6. Crazy Charlie (these aren't for bones... probably way too overdressed) Size 4 Mustad C70SD D-rib Crystal flash Calf tail (pink is arctic fox) 5/32 or 3/16 dumbells
  7. 1/0 barra bunnies in the only 3 combinations you'll ever need.
  8. Some smaller, lightly weighted shrimp for fishing amongst timber. Size 2 mustad C70SD
  9. Nice... Here's another....
  10. Have had a bunch... Started with the old indian clamp vises and a few other generic vises... then eventually found a Stonfo flytec when I got tired of spending money on a new vise every 6 to 12 months, which has served well for a couple of years... Earlier this year I picked up a Regal Medallion... not rotary, but does well for many patterns.... I go back to the Stonfo for it's rotary capabilities at times.
  11. @Chasing_Tails ... thanks for the step by step. Here is my attempt at the Kwan as you described... plus a weedguard because of where I might be able to fish it. Awesome tie....
  12. Fuzzle shrimp #2 gamakatsu sl12s 7/32 dumbells Marabou Sili legs Epoxy eyes "The Lost Fly" translucent sparkle dub Arctic fox (mask) Arctic snow
  13. A flathead is a flat fish that lies on the sea floor in anything from 6 inches to more than 30ft (many different species)... unlike the flathead catfish I think you know. They are the perfect ambush predator, and suckers for a clouser minnow... My first ever fly caught fish was one of these..... on a chartreusse clouser. The flies pictured above will be used to target indo-pacific permit, golden trevally, blackspot tusk fish, and blue bastards on northern Australian flats.
  14. No worries mate. I'll think of something that might get more takers after this.
  15. Here we go. Work is a real bummer but i got a chance last night 1. Tie in your dumbells, marabou and mono eyes. 2. 5 diagonal wraps beneath each eye and then 2 under wraps to lock them in place. 3. Double over a pair of sililegs and tie in. 4. Creat a dubbing loop at the "head of the fly" 5. Tease out your dubbing and align like so. 6. Put the dubbing into your loop, spin, and then tease out some more. 7. Wrap your dubbing loop back towards the dumbells and tie off. 8. Tease out the dubbing. 9. Add your choice of wing. This time I used fox. 10. Whip finish and finish off with either head cement or your choice of Thin uv resin.
  16. Fuzzle shrimp SL12S size 2 pictured, Tan flatwaxed thread 5/32in dumbells Mono eyes (burnt and coloured black Sili legs Fuzzled pseudo hair Orange arctic snow Red fox tail over wing....
  17. I'll do the same for my fuzzled shrimp when I can. Still think that is super @Chasing_Tails
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