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  1. i'd take a look at this one before the griffin




    and its less expensive


    i saw this at wholesale sports last night and checked it out. seems pretty solid. i don't need anything super great at the moment, just want an upgrade. thanks!


    I had one for a few years, no problems at all, worked well. And the price was right. Moved on to a Griffin

    Mongoose. I tie mostly dry's and soft hackles in the 12 - 18 range. Have been very satisfied with the Grffin vises. Seem to be well thought out and built. I don't think you would be disapointed, but as others say, see if you can try other vises out before you settle on anything.


    sounds good! the mongoose looks like a very nice vise.


    thanks everyone!

  2. Is this your camera?



    If so, it looks like you should be able to get off some pretty decent shots. You should be able to use a macro mode but even with a macro mode, you can not get to close, there should be an indicator in the viewfinder for when you are in-focus or out.

    For low light, a tri-pod would certainly help but in good lighting, it is not mandatory.

    Use a good medium/neutral colored background for best contrast and light the subject very well. During the day, you can set up next to a window that is getting good light from out side and supplement that with a lamp or two if necessary. Or indoors at night, use your indoor overhead lighting supplemented with at least two lamps and maybe your pop up flash. You can tape a piece of tissue or opaque mylar or a piece of white plastic grocery bag in a bubble shape over your flash to diffuse the direct burst of light a little for some extra light. You should be able to get by with a few good bright lamps and a tri-pod, if the shutter stays open for a while, you may want to trigger it with the self timer.

    Do a search on this site for macro-photography and you should find lots of good advice. I've taken great shots of flies with a point-n-shoot camera a lot less fancy than the one in the link above.


    Good luck and post some of those pics.





    hey kirk thanks so muc! this really helped out, i will experiment later today and post up the results. i oh and that is my camera in the link..it always used to take excellent pictures right out of the box but i think the last user like my mom or dad threw it out of it's default settings. should i mess around with the ISO?


    this helped alot!



  3. hey guys, so i have a kodak z740 camera. i am having a incredibly hard time at taking decent pictures of flies. i am by no means a photographer, but i would like to be better.


    i've tried zooming in/out, using settings for smaller objects, flash, no flash, i made a white paper aparatus and got much better pictures, but i can't get them very crisp.


    so is there a setting i need to use? i am gonna try some with a tripod and extra lighting, but i would just really like to get some better pictures. thanks guys!

  4. i would agree with most guys on here. sure, durability is important. but i love tying so much that i learned to tie before i learned to cast the damn things. so if i catch just one fish on each fly, i am satisfied because i defeated the fish, and i defeated the flies that you can buy. but on some flies i will put extra effort into durability, because sometime flies come apart just from casting. just my two cents



  5. welcome to the hobby. its a great hobby and we all love it. fisrt off, the cabelas table looks nice, however not much storage space. i just have and old desk with three drawers on each side full of random stuff. if you have high speed internet, go on youtube for a wide selection of bass fly tying lessons. i tie alot of bass flies myself, and i like them the most. i get my material at sportsmans warehouse, which is now wholesale outfitters. its an ok price but it gets the job done. check out local craft stores to save alot of money on indentical materials, except feathers, always buy high as grade as possible if you want a nice apperaing fly. although cheap materials work well to teach you. any questions just ask on here or send me a PM.



  6. well, since i just started about a month ago, i learned from this forum and youtube. i would say that taking a class inst necessary, i feel my flies are turning out great, and i spent money straight on materials, not classes. and mike, you have kept me being positive on all my flies, thanks for being such a great guy!



  7. OK here is my 2 cents. I know you are unhappy with the Cabela's but why spend $100 dollars on something you might want to get rid of and upgrade in 2 years? My suggestion, and I know it's not easy to do, but suck it up and keep tying on the Cabela's for a while, put your $100 away and save until you have the money to get a vice that you will be completely happy with for a long, long time. Sorry...a bit of a new vise buzz kill but.... :dunno: If you're just not willing to pay more than $100 for a vise, which is understandable in its own right, then try to find a used quality vise or settle for the Danvise or Apex. I tyed on a $40 Thompson vise for about 6 years, tried a Danvise that was given to me as a gift but really felt uncomfortable on it, then finally upgraded to a Regal and am still tying on it and completely happy with it. Basically for another $75-150 you can get any number of vises that you should really be happy with.


    i cant agree with you any more. i mean my vise still holds hooks pretty good, just a little movemnet, but im scared to crimp down on the hook too hard so that i dont smash it and break it. i just think i have it in my mind that to be a good tyer i need a fancy vise. i dont know why. i guess i will wait util this one starts worsening, but thanks for the advise



  8. The more important question... How did someone from Washington come by Mardi Gras beads? ;)






    Yeah wait a tic lol.... I'm from New York and the last time I saw those was when I was in Alabama in April for the Talladega Race... magically they seemed to have the same effect as Louisiana Mardi Gras beads to...........





    well if its related with mardi gras, i cant say i remember lol. no i had them from a birthday party i think, i dont know, but i used them on my flies and they worked great



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