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  1. yeah, i just thought i would give them a try, and i tested them out and the eyes i used work pretty darn good, thanks though for the tip Loren
  2. Hey Guys, I attempted to make some baitfish, minnow things, i also got a cool picture i took the other night. its a cloud that looks like a mushroom cloud in a way, but i only got that one unfocused pic, and then my camera died. I think i will name the green/yellow one John Deere King, and the red/black one Baitfish From Hell i used mardi gras beads for the eyes, and deer bucktail for the skirt
  3. ok, thanks guys. yeah i am an avid trout fisherman, but i am also a bass fisherman. for some reason i love tying bass poppers. i think its because i can tie them up in wild colors, make up my own, and do whatever, it seems that people get mad when i try to tie trout flies because they arent the certain way the professionally tied one looks like. thanks guys Loren
  4. ^^^send us some and we will find out
  5. You bet!! .... good luck bear hunting ... get a big one! Mike glad you arent anti-hunting! i hope to get one this year Loren
  6. so i take it that you will want some if i get a bear this coming year?
  7. yeah i make alot of bass poppers and i love spinning deer hair so it looks like the danvise is out of the question thanks guys Loren
  8. if i shoot a bear this year and i dont make a rug out of it i will give you some Loren
  9. i will agree with you that if you spend the extra money, you get better quality. but i said i wanted to spend under 100 bucks, then i said if i was gonna spend 150 i would spend 40 more and get the renzz, but i cant afford that at the moment and especially my level of tying. in the future i would love to have one but i just cant spend that type of money. i need a good vise for under 110 bucks. i know you guys are thinking im just a penny pincher but thats all i got for a vise. i have more important things i have to save and spend my money on. thanks for the advice though. Thanks Loren
  10. thank you for your efforts Roby but if I were spending that much extra money i would just spend 40 more and get a renzetti Loren
  11. thank you for your efforts Roby but if I were spending that much extra money i would just spend 40 more and get a renzetti Loren
  12. thank you very much titanflies. you provided me with alot of information, and im glad you said you would not lie to me Loren
  13. yeah, i have read alot of reviews and all said good about it. would you be able to suggest a better one Roby? Loren
  14. Hey Guys! Right now I have a piece of crap, $20.00 waste of metal. It came with my Cabela's Beginner's Kit. It has tought me how to tie flies, but as I progress and get better at tying, I am looking into a new vise. I don't want to spend over $100.00 so I am looking at the Danica DanVise. I have heard nothing but good on this vise, and it seems like a very suitible vise for my needs. I have a link to the vise --- http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...&hasJS=true So if anyone has heard of any vise that is better than this for under $100.00, please let me know. Thanks Guys Loren
  15. wow, looks like perfect habitat, you are pretty lucky Loren
  16. Beautiful pics Old Hat, it just reminds me of how lucky we are to live in the Pacific Northwest Loren
  17. you are very good at making deer hair poppers! Loren
  18. yes indeed, it was very much fun, but now we are having record heat so no fishing for me until it cools down thanks Loren
  19. i want to go to minkler lake along side the highway roby, i also want to check out the place in lyman that my dad caught fish after fish at Loren
  20. well dave, my summer has been great. i finally got into fly tying and now i just caught a bunch of bass fly fishing for my first time. besides the heat and humidity, my summer has been great. Loren
  21. thanks roby, yeah thats lake depression, we would slay the fish there with flies Loren
  22. these were taken in the northwestern part of washington Loren
  23. Hey Guys! I live in the great state of Washington and alot of people think all we have is rain, but we have wonderful mountains, alot bigger than what alot of people have seen. I live in skagit county and alot of these places only take about 5 minutes to get to the gate, and then about 15 minutes of driving up logging roads. I know there are alot of people against logging but my town was founded by it and i am a fifth generation logger. Also, alot of people dont realize that alot of logging money goes towards schools, so please dont hate for what is good. So i hope you enjoy! these are not all in timely order but enjoy! I have more if you want. Maybe i will make another thread. Enjoy!
  24. haha exactly, i wish the dumb government would just focus on more important things, like school
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