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  1. yeah dude totaly. thats badass! hope it keeps going. Loren
  2. thanks guys, i have never tanned hide before, so this will be an expirement. it will be cool though because i have found that deer hair bass bugs are my favorite and i will then have an abundance of deer hair. thanks again. Loren
  3. Hey Guys, I am a fisherman but i am also a hunter. i hunt for deer, bear, cougar, and birds like grouse, ducks, and geese. How hard would it be to dye and prepare any of these feathers and fur to use for fly tying? Is it worth it? Please let me know. Thanks Loren
  4. i dont know, just thin fly foam that i got from cabelas, nothin fancy Loren
  5. thanks smalltown. anyone from here have any videos of bluegill fishing with foam critters?
  6. soap shouldnt hurt them because they clean birds that got into oil spills with dish washing soap. what are cdc's anyway?
  7. i tried ordering that one when i got my tying kit. now i know that its a good kit. thanks so much coach bob. Loren
  8. For bluegill you'll definatly want a light rod. I have a five weight, but that can be a bit heavy at times. A lighter rod like a 4 or 3 weight are more popular for bluegill. Ok, so i dont have a fly rod, but i cant afford two. i fish alot for cutthroat and rainbows, but also bass and panfish, what would be a good rod?
  9. i started about a month ago and you will be amazed how much better you get in a week! try something easy like a stretch tubing scud or even bass poppers if you are into bass fishing. Loren p.s.---feel free to ask any questions
  10. nice patterns everyone. im new to fly fishing so i am wondering what type of line to use with poppers and bugs and stuff. Loren
  11. thank you and i totaly understand what you mean Loren
  12. Hey Guys, The other night I was on Warmwater Fly Tyer (http://www.warmwaterflytyer.com/links2.asp) and I was checking out the foam bugs. I attempted to make the orange foam spider. It came out ok bit I really like the little black spider I made. I think I'm gonna call it the Bluegill Beast, please let me know if that name has been taken. Well here are the pictures.
  13. nice nice guys. anyone have pics of terestrials or foam bugs?
  14. thank you for posting this, hopefully it will continue on Loren
  15. i too read it, but im a beginner and i am not very fimilliar with a high amount of patterns, like mike said, i will give it some thought. stuff like that takes time, if people came up with great ideas and inventions in a second, there wouldnt be any problems in this world. i respect you for your services as i too will be in the miltary (u.s.c.g.). just my two cents Loren
  16. Hey guys, Im making this thread to have everyone that ties flies for bass, panfish, or any warmwater species to post pics of their favorite fly. So feel free to post all pics of any type of fly that catches warmwater fish!
  17. ok, i have a fly that looks like a immitation of a mosquito, im not sure what it is called, i think i would give that a try too, here is a pic-
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