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  1. yeah they look amazing, better than store bought and defineately way better than i could ever do, great job man! Loren
  2. hey guys, i fish a small lake that gets planted with rainbow trout each year. i always catch them off of green powerbait because i dont fly fish. now, i am learning to fly fish and im wondering what would be a good fly for this lake. there are alot of mosquitoes there and the water is very cold. i once watched a peron fly fish out there and slayed the fish, right in front of my eyes. so any help would be great. thanks Loren
  3. i know, i was at the store last week, but i couldnt find the right hooks, if anyone has a number for a mustad popper hook, i might be able to get them. thanks Loren
  4. thanks smalltownfisherman, i designed that one to be black so its a good night time lue, but also some intense colors, i think it looks cool
  5. yeah, i was thinking about putting a bead on and also put some lead wire in it because i dont know how to fly fish yet so i just troll with flies and it works great. thanks Loren
  6. thanks rob and thanks pelhament, the hook i used was a little small but said it was a streamer hook. i will try again until i perfect it. thanks guys Loren
  7. thanks deeky. i read the instructions and they pretty much told me just to tie the hackle in facing forward then to tie the hackle back again. thanks for the help and i will try it again. thanks Loren
  8. yeah roby me and you go there lol.
  9. thats awesome, i love trout and bass fishing
  10. here, i attempted a carey special. i know the body is a little bit out of proportion and the head is too big but this is my first one. thanks guys. Loren
  11. since i have never fished for them i wouldnt know but i do fish for largemouth. i have been told many bass fishermen that a lure CAN be too big. alot of people think "go big or go home". i have personally watched fish try to eat my bait before but their mouths were too small. so i would say go with something that is one size smaller than what they would usually take. i have caught bass off of panfish lures so if that helps at all, there ya go! Loren
  12. i know there is a how above but it doesnt show how to do the pheasant feathers on the front. im a beginner so i dont know too terribly much. thanks Loren Loren, I will try and explain what I do. I tie mine in by the tip of the feather. Take a flank feather and hold it by the stem in the wet fly position over your hook with the stem to the rear of your hook. I tie everything away from me over the top so I would remove the barbs on the far side of the feather. I then stroke the remaining barbs back and and clip off the tip and tie in by the tip. I wrap away from me and carefully stroke the barbs to the back. The reason I remove one side is because the barbs on the underside of the wrap have a tendency to splay out at odd angles instead of laying flat along the body. Hope that helps. Rob thanks Rob, i will try to tie one tonight. Loren
  13. im agreeing with you too! you stated it perfectly! american gun owners that own guns dont kill people, its people that do that. just like how they want to get rid of semi autos, them damn city slickers are dumb! they have no life outside of books, no common sense at all!
  14. exactly! when they try to do this for real they are gonna have a mess! its the people that are down in L.A. that are ruining the 2nd ammendment. and they arent even from our country!
  15. here is one i tied up yesterday, i still need to add another saddle hackle feather for the collar right next to the popper body
  16. cool, i did a google search and they came up, thanks man. Loren
  17. i know there is a how above but it doesnt show how to do the pheasant feathers on the front. im a beginner so i dont know too terribly much. thanks Loren
  18. bought some stuff a little while ago at wholesale sports. i got pink rubber legs, same hooks as last time, i couldnt find any for bass poppers, chartreuse floss for skirts, and more eyes.
  19. yeah 10 bucks at wholesale sports or sportsmans warehouse
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