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  1. Thanks for the advise. I ordered some foam bug kits to get the idea of size ratios and basic tying techniques. I have found many a patterns out there for foam and I an anxious to try some of them out. Then maybe I can get this new fangled 9' crappie pole to actually catch bass like my others do. "Fly fishin' ain't that hard....Hmmmmph..... it's getting a good filet off them flies you caught without tearing the meat, now that is the challenge"
  2. I am new to this sport of lassoing a fish out of the water, and with a limited access to trout filled rivers I am generally after the elusive bass and gill. My question is: most of the foam patterns call for 2mm foam strips, but there is no mention of the width. Is there a general guide to the width to use in relation to the hook size or type of pattern? , i.e the same width as the hook gap. this is also my first post, hope it works
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