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  1. I don't think it gets much better than that! All your flies that I've seen look absolutely grand! :thumbsup: Thanks!
  2. hi guys here a bulls eye hopper I tied. How can I make it better? thanks
  3. Thanks guys! yup jan did help me with the harder parts :wallbash: Hopefully my next fly will be better than this one! leviD
  4. thanks everybody for the warm welcome! leviD
  5. Hi guys, here is my second fly ever! My brother jan helped me with it, but I did most of it by my self! Please tell me how to make it better! :yahoo: its a Wire nymph
  6. voted for the rainbow trout i especially like fishing for them
  7. Hi my name is Levi, and I am just getting started in fly tying and fly fishing, and loving both alot. Any help is appretiated, I am going to need alot of it! LeviD
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