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  1. Sure just trim it in a cigar shape, similar to a Zara Spook, and fish it the same way.
  2. Another option is to use rod finish. I don't remember where I heard about. The good thing is it stays clear a long time. Of course I lose my flies before they yellow, so I just use 5 min epoxy.
  3. This is probably the best issue yet. Thanks Smallie Hunter for all you do with this website. I especially enjoyed the Chris Helm interview. I'm fortunate that he is less than an hour from my house, so I get down there a few times a year. For anyone outside the area if he is doing a show near you make it a priority to get there. He is a genuinely nice guy, of course you'd have to be to let all of these strangers into your house, which is where his shop is.
  4. Check out the instructions on Charlie's Flybox. They are almost identical to how Bob tyes them. The only difference I noticed was that Bob tyes the belly hair in front of the eyes first, where Charlie tied it behind the eyes first.
  5. Anyone know any online shops that sell Veniard's dye? I can't seem to find it anywhere are ound here. Thanks.
  6. For wing cases and the like I use either Dave's Flexament or Flex Seal. Take the whole feather and apply some with your bodkin, then smear it in with your fingers. Once it is dry, you use your bodkin to split away the amount of fibers to give you the width you want for your wing or wing case.
  7. Sweat pattern. I can never have too many Hex patterns when the end of June rolls around. One question though. What do you do with the excess wire once you have finished the wing? Just clip it?
  8. Check out the Peak Vise. About $130. Everyone I know who has one loves it.
  9. I usually just put a little Zap a Gap on the strips over the hook area, but prefer to let the tails move freely. If I'm using stick on eyes I use EZ Shape Sparkle Body. As far as I can tell it is just puffy sweatshirt paint. I got a tube of clear pearl from Feather Craft. As far as colors, I usually use colors that resemble the local forage such as white belly olive back.
  10. Check out this link on how to tie them. Definately a great pattern for pike, etc. http://www.flytek.co.uk/acatalog/FlyTek_Tutorials.html
  11. Here's one I bookmarked a while back. http://www.flyfishingconnection.com/mayflyext.html
  12. Here's a link to FAOL that has Bear's Hex. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/f...100900fotw.html
  13. I guess my biggest problem is that I just want to carry way too many flies with me. For just my dry flies I have something like 50 different type/size combinations. The ripple foam boxes allow more flies to be carried, but they crush the hackles, so I guess I'll either have to cut back or carry more boxes. I have an old box like the Feathercraft box, and it's really nice, it's just that I need 4 of them. So I guess the real question is how do you carry 300 dry flies in a compact package?
  14. Hey all, great site. I'm tying a bunch of dries right now and I've always heard to carry them in containers that have open compartments, versus ripple foam. What does everyone else use to carry their dries on the water with?
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