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  1. Hey there everybody, I am planning a trip up to the upper peninsula this fall fishing streamers for salmon, steelhead, and lake-run browns. I was wondering what weight spey or switch rod would be best. Also, what length do you prefer? Thank you.
  2. The site is of no profit to me, I see how problems could occur. Thank You.
  3. I've been on the forum a while ago but I had problems so I registered for a new account.
  4. the website design came like that I couldn't change it.
  5. Sorry. Most people just post their websites to tell people about them. What's so bad about that? it's just a free site I thought somebody might be interested.
  6. Just for everyone to know I added a review of a TFO rod on the site. thanks again.
  7. thanks I'm going to try to keep it going feel free to write something.
  8. hey everybody I just wanted to say that I have a website for anyone who fly fishes for panfish. Sorry it is a little bare but I feel there could be potential. Visit My Website
  9. I experiment as much as possible, but so far I have seen a lot of different species of fish respond to plain ole rabbit leeches with coneheads. Fish like bass, pike, bluegill, trout, steelies, but I prefer lighter casting flies for musky. Flash is optional. Just a week or two ago will I was up in Michigan I enticed a nice 2lb.-3lb. that was I rods length away from meand lots of 'gills were attacking it I wish I would have had a smaller one with me... (sorry about the poor photo) http://kyflyfishers.ning.com/photo/img_0713-1?context=latest
  10. I have to agree with everyone else, Beautiful photography and flies. :headbang:
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