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  1. hi,


    i've found that ziploc bags are best for a travel kit.


    i put each kind of material grouped together in individual bags.

    all dubbing in one bag, all furs in another, hook boxes in another, varnish and wax or other things that might leak in another, tools, etc, etc.

    tools get wrapped up in a cloth first so they don't poke through. the cloth is used to wipe chocolate from my fingers so it doesn't get on the flies. :D


    - no need for labels as you see right through the bag and don't waste any time finding what you're looking for either.


    - materials stay dry and bug free (if you remember to close the bags, that is... ) ;)


    - they cost very little and can always be re-used for something else later.


    - the heavy duty kind with a zipper-like clasp is best. they're easier to open and close.


    - the bags go flat and take up very little space compared to boxes. this enables to bring more materials in the same amount of space than it would with boxes.


    - these bags weigh next to nothing. reduces overall kit weight for airplane travel and valuable luggage space.


    - the whole lot goes in some kind of bag or box so it's all together and available when it's time to tie.


    hope this helps.






    I use the same system...I should own stock in ziplock with all the stink'n bags I have. When traveling by car (non-flying) I typically load up some materials and put them in a see through plastic tub. I will even make bags for specific flies. If I am low on BWO or don't have a size I think I might need, I'll pack a bag with all the materials need for that fly, plus the hook sizes I will (or guess) being tying. If that makes any sense!!

  2. I am looking for a good internet site, that has a wide variety of tying materials and good quality. Nothing like getting stuff shipped to your door. I live close to TCO (tcoflyfishing.com), but I wanted some other options. Any help would be appreciated. Some of the sites I've looked at, do not have good descriptions, so I am always leery if I am actually ordering what I want.

  3. My tying table (see picture,) is in an old TV cabinet. It was in the house when we moved in. Its a huge 12 foot counter about 3 feet high, and 2 feet deep. There are doors that open in the center that make a 4 foot opening. The rest of the cabinet is all filled with my tying stuff. The 4 feet on each side of the desk area, has cabinets with shelves. These are also full of tying stuff, fishing stuff, and my magazine collections. Most of my books are in the bookcases down stairs.


    The desk consists of a 48 x 24" piece of plywood with 8" sides and back. The tying table is setup for my Nor-Vise and tools. When I use the Dyna-King vise, I drop it through a hole in the table and it comes out the same height. It rarely looks any better than this. I am NOT a neat tyer. But the whole desk slides into the cabinet, and I can close the doors. There was a time (2001 I think it was,) that the top counter was clean, but not since then. The whole room (on the third floor,) is my area. Fishing and tying, guitars, banjos, mandolin, dulcimer, painting stuff, it all fits in my 19 by 12' room. As long as I don't track too much fur, and fluff down the stairs, the wife is ok with the mess up there.


    Now this is more my speed...A messy desk, is a healthy desk, IMO!


  4. I can't get the egg yarn patterns to turn out nice either. They are usually very loose and roll on the hook shank. I've tried the yarn and the mcfly foam. I tied crappie ones that look horrible, but they have caught plenty of fish for me. I don't waste alot of time making them look pretty, since they seem to work for me.

  5. I've been lurking around a few days now and just finally getting around to posting an introduction. I consider myself a pretty good tier and well versed, until finding this forum. I now know, I'm addicting, but some of you guys are absolutely crazy!! :j_k:


    I mostly tie salmon patterns for a group of us that head out a few times each year to Pulaski, Erie and Western NY. Also, I have recently been getting into chasing mostly blues and stripers in the surf on the fly. My true passion is catching smallies, both on the fly and with conventional gear. That is my true addiction and obsession.


    I look forward to learning and sharing on this board. I've already learned a few new patterns and tips just from reading. I am hoping to get involved with a swap eventually, maybe during the winter. In between chasing trout in the colder months, I do alot of tying and rod building.



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