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  1. You've got a good point!

    well to answer your question would be that I am coming from the other side. Meaning I have been an experienced bass fisherman my entire life using soft plastics on a casting set up. I have really enjoyed the challenge of fly fishing, even to the point where I dont even want to pick up my baitcaster.


    Example: I was fishing the ELK river down in southern Missouri and was catching goood numbers of smaller smallmouth bass on a wooly bugger. However, whenever I threw the Fluke made by zoom on my spincast I was nailing 15+ fish.



    So the reason why I ask the question was for the fact I am an newbie to fly fishing but would really like to find something the resembles something that I know.


    HOpe that makes sense. Thanks for your help.



  2. I have just begun to tie my own flies and really enjoy it. I have fished my entire life but have really gotten the bug for tying. I do need some help


    I am looking for desk to pack all of this stuff. My wife is even willing to help me in this area because of all of the material I have everywhere. I am looking for something small. Could be used.. I am loooking at the cabelas desk. So if you have any imput I would greatly appreciate it.


    What are some good videos or tapes talking about tying bass fly's??


    Where can I buy affordable fly tying equipment.


    Really appreciate any help


    First post isnow over

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