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  1. Hello to the forum, I have been lurking for a couple of weeks now and registered about a week ago, this is my first post. Originally from England, where I learned to fish very early, using worms and bread balls for bait lol, In 1954 , aged 14 we ( the family) moved south to the land of the vegemite sanger lol where I spent the next 50 years....still did my fishing all over Victoria before finding Fly Fishing sometime in the late 60`s early 70`s...back then the fly lines were still in `letters` but slowly changing to the number system we now know.....began tying soon after, starting with the typical tying kit and an old fixed vice..a AA or AAA Thonpson I believe.....I still have it actually Have fished as I said, all over Victoria and even into NSW, Lakes Jindabyne and Eucumbine...also managed to get in some NZ fishing when I visited my sister and father over there. In 2001 I met up with a Scottish/Canadian lassie and in 2003 we got married and 2004 I moved to Halifax Nova Scotia where we live today.....in the late 90`s I went through a rather messy divorce/settlement and ceased to even think about fishing from then until just recently.....having had a 'bad run' healthwise this past year, ( had an emergency gall bladder op...then get told I have Multiple Myloma (cancer of the blood) and as if that wasn`t enough my kidneys and liver headed south !! I ended up in hospital with a bad case of Jaundice...looking kinda like an over ripe 6` banana !!! lol, weight went down from 90+ Kg to 58Kg...uffda, that`s a big drop !! Decided that that was enough...had to get myself out and about again and began to resurrect my old fly fishing / tying gear, even brought myself a nice new 5wgt rod/reel...a Redington #5 four piece 9`complete with reel, line, backing leader all in a nice hard case...then a couple of days ago brought a new vice, a Danvice plus the book by forum member Al Beaty on Rotary vice Techniques...( thanks Al So..now I`m all set to try out some of the local lakes here....Albro, Penhorn, MicMac, Charlies and Grand Lake up around Shubenacadie. Target species will be trout also Yellow Perch ( called Redfin in Australia where many a `youngun` has cut his fishing teeth going after `Reddies`.) So..there ya have it..me in a nutshell...sorry to be so long winded....one on one I`m kinda quiet..but stick a pen or typwriter in my hands and I don`t know when to shut up hahahahaha. Look forward to many `conversations with you guys and girls as time goes by Cheers for now...( I`ll get this old phart to quit for the time being lol ) Glyndwr
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