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  1. Interesting...let me give that a shot... Thanks for the inputs!
  2. Hi all! I've read through a number of the existing posts on dubbing techniques but seem to still be having some trouble. I understand that a lot of it may be based on dubbing material, etc., but I seem to have a tough time getting that "buggy" look. Mine always tends to "wrap...i.e. take on a chenille look" rather than the full buggy look I'm hoping for (such as in a sow bug, etc.). Any obvious tips you can throw my way.... Thanks,
  3. That's pretty neat. I hadn't even thought of that. Should be pretty space efficient too.
  4. I know what you mean....I'm seeming to accumulate quickly which poses numerous problems... :wallbash: 1. Apparently the UPS guy insists on only delivering when my wife is there to see. 2. She notices a new color thread, let alone a bigger set of bins moving in to accommodate new (more) stuff.
  5. I stayed pretty simple and tried to hang what i use the most (and it also helps keep me from ordering stuff I already have). I use bins for extras and misc.
  6. kcnal

    Wing help

    Thanks! I'll give it a shot.
  7. Good evening. I'm pretty new to tying and was hoping someone could point me in a good direction. I was playing around trying to get the feel of how to prepare wings (from feathers) for such things as hoppers, etc. I think I have the things I need (like flex seal, wing cutters, etc.) but not really sure how to start it without shredding the feather to pieces. Does anyone know of a good article or have some pictures to guide me through starting that? Thanks!
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