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  1. Hello friends, in december i'll partecipate to a great contest in Italy (tuscany) called Trofeo Bisenzio, one of the patterns will be a Rithrogena semicolorata so, someone want to help me to choose a good patterns for this fly, i'm thinking about a olive upright (have you seen the davie mcphail cdc olive emerger? it's the right fly) So please someone help me Thanks a lot and sorry for my english zero the hero
  2. Hi man, in this moment i've no money, but if you want to do a barter i can offer you 100 of my gorgeus flies and 100 dollars. What do you think about? Zero
  3. Hello, in primis i'm sorry for my terrible english… someone can tell me where i can buy an hmh vises in new york city, a friend of mine should be in soon (i'm not sure this is the right way to say?) so please help me Zero the hero
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