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  1. Ducktail Mayflies Traditional mayfly patterns like Catskill ties, Parachutes and Sparkle Duns, which do look just fine in all but the tiniest sizes, do tend to look a bit fat and over-dressed on hooks smaller than #18. Here's a work-around that works for me--eliminate the rooster hackle and the body, and make a fly consisting of duck flank tail, CDC wing and bottom-mounted Zelon Tuft. In that sense (the bottom-mounted Zelon tuft replacing the rooster hackle) this is my variation on John Betts' work from 20 years ago. This one is tied on a #22 Daiichi scud hook: 1130
  2. ================== Hi Al: RE> published. Sure. I mean yes. But I haven't written this one up yet. I'm working on it. My biggest problem is having too many irons in the fire at once. Two half time jobs...which adds up to one and a half or more, boats to finish, flies to tie, articles to write and vacations to take. :-) A few links to links to look at: http://montana-riverboats.com/Robopages/?page=Lathe http://montana-riverboats.com/Pages/Fly-Ty...Boomerangs.html http://picasaweb.google.com/Sandy.Pittendr...ndyPittendrigh#
  3. I've posted links to these flies on a few other forums. These are good flies--streamers tied onto a snelled hook. The idea is to somehow make a flexible, sparsely-tied fast-sinking streamer still light enough to cast. Another way to think about these flies is as a new take on how to make an articulated streamer. I've been working on these for several years now. That they were "good fish-catching flies" I established (at least for my own purposes) a long time ago. But it's taken me a while to iron out the most efficient tying details and techniques. How to link: http://montana-riverboats.com/Robopages/?page=Sculpins
  4. RE> scaring sharks with a poke of the rod tip. Yes, I discovered that one early on myself. 4' Lemons will sometimes cruise right at you or near-by, often not even noticing you are there. But a quick slap of the rod tip seems to send them off in a huge panic. I told that to Eddy Bannister, of Lisbon Creek. Eddie said "oh ya, but when that shark turn around and come back again, you betta run fass. You not scare him twice!"
  5. Here's a useful "what to bring" page. They've got a discussion forum too. Bluehole what-to-bring page
  6. The photography is excellent. But I find their flash navigation cumbersome and annoying.
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