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  1. My much newer Barracuda does click when the cam is thrown. If it is silent and the cam lever difficult to throw there is usually too much pressure on the hook. The cam throws easily and not difficult and the click is not the hook repositioning in the jaws, it is coming from the cam lever rolling over the peak position and locking into place. When too much pressure is applied after it rolls over the peak there isn't any slack in the system to hear the click. It probably has more to do with individual Barracudas, but mine definately clicks into the lock position and is just one indicator that I have the jaws set up properly. If the cam has a lot of pressure that isn't correct. The slots in the jaws take some getting use to if you came from a Renzetti or something else with smooth jaws, but the holding power of the DK Barracuda is superb. Hopefully you have worked out your issue with the vise by now, but just wanted to comment on this somewhat older thread.
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