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  1. As a neophyte who's off to do some practicing in a field, I'd like to know how far these practice casts should be. I know the real thing will vary greatly depending on where, how and for what one is fishing, but what's a good average distance I should try to reach? Thanks. Ed
  2. Thanks, fellas. Ridley, anytime. So where in Rome are we meeting? Cheese steaks, hoagies, Tasty Cakes, pretzels and "good" pizza... you wouldn't believe how precious they become when they're not on every block. My arteries may be singing, but my soul weeps. Cheers, guys.
  3. I'm originally from Philadelphia, but have been living in Ireland for two years now. I'm new to this hair and feathers stuff, but bought a rod and reel and even got some fly tying gear as a present. All I've done so far is some reading and video watching, but I plan to practice casting over the winter, maybe try some tying, and scout some area waters. Come spring I'd like to actually get my feet (and line) wet. So I'm ignorant but excited. Nice to be here.
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