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  1. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by fatpossum: copper
  2. Thanks for the good information. Several angles I didn't consider, hense, ask the experts. Bill Union Oregon
  3. I've got my shop together and now I need a magnifying lenses/good light source. What do members of the community suggest in terms of what works best for them. I just got a little cash left and that's the next tool. Is Ott-Lite the best? Are there other options to consider? Thanks Bill Union Oregon
  4. I started tying about a year and a half ago. The logic was that everytime I went into a fly shop I left a chunk of cash, went to the river and lost a portion of what I had just bought. I've been fly fishing for 30 years. I had the brilliant idea of learning how to tye my own flys and build my own rods. I'm learning about bamboo. It's taken me a year to put my rod building and fly tying shop together. My initial logic was fatally flawed. I will be putting off retirement as earlier planned. I'm 54 going on 25. Possibly growing old but not up. Bill Union Oregon
  5. Mike their site is http://www.conranch.com/ Their out of Elk Washington. As well, I'm in no way associated with them, just like the product and think the prices are reasonable. I'm a new tyer as well Good Luck Bill
  6. I'm a new member to the forum and would like suggestions. As part of my vacation this summer I would like to take a workshop focusing on bugs trout like to eat. I've been fly fishing for several years and usually grab what looks good. I would like a more systematic approach, gathering bugs, matching the hatch and making a more educationed quess. I live in northeastern oregon and am willing to travel anywhere east of and including the rockies. I'm also willing to go to Alberta or British Columbia. Thanks Bill Union Oregon
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