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  1. I use cedar chips and bay leaves and don't have a problem, my hackles are stored in a air tight container with cedar chip and bay leaves inside all other materials are kept in zip lock bags
  2. I have been tying since I was 12 when I got my fly tying kit for Christmas and have been tying every since. When I look back 40 years sure went by fast.
  3. Thank you Craig I will send you a PM and give you some tips on how to make them look real
  4. Perfection (The ancient Greeks viewed perfection as a requisite for beauty and high art. The Pythagoreans held that perfection was to be found in the right proportions and in a harmonious arrangement of parts. The idea that beauty and art were characterized by perfection, was subsequently embraced by Plato, who believed that art ought to be "apt, suitable, without deviations" — in short, "perfect.) This is one of the big reasons I don't post on most forums as it never fails that someone has something negative to say. I have been tying for 40 years and have tried to pass my knowledge on to others. To your comments that using markers is nothing new your right but the technique( is a procedure used to accomplish a specific activity or task using a systematic method to obtain the desired result) the technique I use to color can be used on many different flies in many ways and so far to date I have seen no one anywhere that has used this method. Have a good day gentleman
  5. I put a post up on my super natural hoppers on the site under fly tying forum, I found that when you get the legs off as you have them in the photo if you cut between them you have a small tag that you can tie under your thread and a drop of super glue will hold them fine haven't had a fish tear one off yet. I tie them in a size 6 as its an average size for hoppers and the legs are about the right size for the body of the fly and the big plus is the fish love them.
  6. I would like to do an article for one of the tying magazines and have it in print I have such a problem getting things to post on site that I just get frustrated and give up. So I'm hoping that that I can get one of the magazines to put it in print. The cutters make this so easy to tie that a lot of patience is not needed to complete a fly you will spend 10 to 15 minutes a fly after you get the pattern down and the method I use to color then takes seconds to complete.
  7. Well I think I have perfected the hopper, I recently purchased the Tomsu hopper cutter from River Road Creations and now have great looking hoppers that go together so easy that you can turn out a large qty of hoppers in short order. I have also found a way to color them and make them look real. The best part is the trout suck them right down and don't refuse them I have attached photos so you can see them enjoy.
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