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  1. It is so hard to keep trout in a tank, my buddy Trap open his shop and put in a huge tank that was temp contoled and so on. The mortality rate was rediculus, after years of effort and $1000's of tech dollars, they gave up on it. It's not just temp it's also oxwgen and gods work being boxed into such a wild world
  2. ?????????? are you saying brownies will last??
  3. I need to get mine going again, last summer wene we [the fam]took off for a few weeks one of the catfish [i think] knocked the air hose off and killed everyone in the tank. It was cool. anytime I caught some small bass,pike , or catfish I would just take them home, loved throwing spiders,grasshoppers and such in the taketrout just die so don't bother but the hardy fish I just mentioned will survive & grow, this is stupid but fun. I took a broken tip from an old rod,added a cheap key chain fly reel and strung it up with 4x, and would drop my line in w/ hookless flies and rock the tank every once in a while
  4. I went with art form -- It is one of the art forms of tying alpine I'm with you 100% My art in tying is to be able to tie enough flies that catch fish some stuff I see here is so realistic that I wonder if they tie to get other insect interested or fish after my induction [ If it's over] I saw a very closed minded attitude that seamed to say old vs. new instead of old embrasing new hell my vice does more than other and it's favor is in question--shame on all that shoot for a future???? Hands down I tie to catch fish -- thats what flies are for $0.02
  5. Shouldn't be a big deal, has any one done it yet? I would think that it shouldn't matter, I bet know one would care -- unless it was their pattern that you tyed better Bruce you totally should what should stop you from entering?
  6. dude I'm gunna save ya some hasle, when you reply, scoll down furthe till you see the " ADD REPLY" botton or "FAST REPLY" botton other wise cool I didn't expect it to be fishable right now welcome more Colorado boys
  7. nice do you get the hair packer tool to?
  8. they look like they are, that a tight looking one
  9. nice beads-- is the crystal River froze up?
  10. WOOT! Heading up to Berthoud for 10 Days Friday. Arcticwolf, love those worms. going for the 60' 70' or 80's? hope it's filled in enough for ya, If not the Blue is got some big migde hatches kick 'n in the morn& then BWO's are cracken the surface
  11. never met the man, but I'd fish with him any dat. seams to have good taste, I say thats afriend to be totally bruttnets' then blondes but just cause 720 720 RA RA RA
  12. your a good man. I promised myself I wouldn't chime in on this one, but right on - I hope you hae one, it's so much fun to tie on and gives you so much more awarness to the fly in the jaws. I love it & for beginers to adanced tyers it's a bitch'n vise
  13. much more fun to tie that way & I'm not tying nmyphs
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