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  1. I have a number of vises. My primary vise is a griffin mongoose. I also have a number of sunrise and a royal vise.
  2. I've been using a Montana Mongoose rotary and I love it!
  3. I was out at a local stocked pond three weeks ago caught a few pan fry sized rainbow and I wanted to see what these fish were feeding on. After looking at the stomach contents, I decided to copy the chronomid that they were feeding on. This seemed to be 80% or more of the trout's diet at this time. The first two pics are the naturals found in the stomach of one trout. Pictures three and four are my patterns based on what I observed in that stomach. (Picture four is my variation of the above pattern tied up as an emerger.) This pattern proved to be spectacular on feeding trout. Note: The pics didn't post in the order that I listed in the text above. Hook----Mustad curved nymph #14-#16 Thread-Unithread #8 Body----Pheasant tail three or four fibers?? tied in by the tips. Wind the feathers in a tight wrap toward the eye and tie off one eye width from the eye. Gills---- White antron. Tie in cross method then trim to proper size Head whip finish and apply nail polish ( I use this as head cement, works great!)
  4. A very good friend being a woodworker put together a bench for me..
  5. I have a Montana Mongoose as a primary vise but have also a regal rotery and a few sunrise vises for some students. I haven't been at my vise for a couple of months as I'm working in a safety position for an oilfield construction company and living in a camp in northern Alberta. I plan on bringing my vise and fly tying gear up here in a couple of weeks after my next turn around. I missed flyfishing this summer and my vise!!!
  6. May the Good Lord bring all your sons and Daughters home safe and uninjured from the fighting in Europe. I served 23 years in the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps and know well the trials of service overseas. God Bless all who serve. "If you won't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them" Guy. aka Recceman
  7. Hi Claudia, Here is Guy's dragon Spawn. I haven't fished it yet, but I'm going to tie up a few and then come ice off look out!! Guy aka Recceman
  8. I spent 23 years in the armoured corps reserve and regular Started with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment (4PPCLI) 1974, then to Calgary with the Lord Strathcona's Horse and finished with the South Alberta Light Horse in Edmonton. a few other regiments in between. Calgary, Gagetown, N.B., Germany both Lahr and Baden solingen, Valcartier then back to Edmonton. Got out in 1996.
  9. Hello, I'm new at this flyfishing group but I also belong to the Edmonton Trout Fishing Club and to the Flyfishingbug on facebook. I've been flyfishing since 1988 and tying for about as long. I live in the frozen north (Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada). I'm 53 and with my better half, we haunt the small pothole lakes that dot the foothills and small lakes around the Edmonton area. I have been ristricting myself to float tubing rather than wading rivers due to bad ankles. I run a fly tying school part time, Ministik fly tying, and teach when time allows. I'm always looking for techniques and other goodies to better myself in this great sport.
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