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  1. I use it all the time in my other hobby, rocketry. Its good for hardening and sealing balsa, as well as normal gluing jobs. My favorite brand is probably Gorilla Super Glue. It doesn't seem to get as brittle as the 10 cents a tube stuff.
  2. Yep, if you believe the anthropologists the only place humans are native to is Africa.
  3. Ineed you're right Jan but remember that bows only come from a little stretch of river that hugs the Rockies. They're introduced everywhere else and are very dominant and overbearing to other species. Actually they are located along the Pacific coast, from Mexico, well into Alaska.
  4. Colorado River Cutthroat! (the other half of Utah...)
  5. They're a nasty invasive species, popping one is doing the environment a favor. :smoke:
  6. Sharpies are the easiest to find so thats what I use. Nothing more to it than that.
  7. I've used Danville thread without any ill-effects (at least, I think so, I can't tell the difference) and its cheaper. I am however, going to try using mono, to see if I like it.
  8. Sorry for the awful photo, its from a $5 camera. Straight Canyon
  9. lol, Thanks, I've seen more Utah folks on this site than I expected. Thanks, Flytyer14
  10. Thought I'd post a pic of one of my favorite flies to tie. I've already learned a lot from this site and am looking forward to learning more. Thanks
  11. I received an order of the J. Stockard a little a while ago. So far they've been real nice to tie on. No problems. I've yet to fish with them though.
  12. I wish I could change my vote. When I first voted I was using a Mega-cheapo Thompson knockoff. I've since upgraded to a Griffin Model 2A that I love.
  13. I'm just a lurker here, but I thought I'd say that you can make a pretty good dubbing rake with bit wooden dowel and small piece of an old hacksaw blade. That's what did and it works great. At least until you find a nice one.
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