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  1. I have a friend with a mountain goat hide he will part with and I was wondering if anyone ties with this. I know the goat is from Bc it's white that goes into a light brown/ tan. I havnt gotten the hide yet and not really sure if i should take it and if i do what would i tie with it. Thanks for the information everybody. Cheers, Dave
  2. I'm easy Fred whatever you think is best personally i am in no rush. Cheers,
  3. Is this all closed up or any chance on getting in on the action? Looks way to good to pass up. Fingers crossed, Dave
  4. I'd be in with a Everett Bluegill Fly if you'd have me. Would these flies work on bass? I'm in B.C and don't know anything about bluegill or panfish but would love to swap. Cheers, Dave
  5. Heading to the post office with mine now. Thanks alot for hosting Fred we all appreciate it.
  6. I recently stepped up from a stick vice that came in a kit to a Dan-Vise and for the dollar i am thrilled with it. When i am ready to upgrade again this vise will become my travel vise as it is extremely light weight and portable. All the best and welcome to the world of fluff and feathers. Cheers, Dave
  7. Great set up for a great part of the country with some of the best still water trout lakes in the country. I'm in Victoria. If i ever get up that way i'd love to chase the big rainbows with ya. All the best, Dave
  8. Merry Christmas to everyone hope each and everyone of you have a great holiday and an even better 2010.
  9. Good luck with your recovery. I've been there and know what your going through. All the best in 2010. Dave
  10. Merry Christmas, Thanks for posting great looking fly. Happy holidays and hope 2010 brings you nothing but big fish and time at the tying table. Cheers, Dave
  11. I got a dan-vise as an early Christmas present and will be tying mine up on a virgin vise should bring all of us some luck hopefully. Merry Christmas everyone, Dave :headbang:
  12. Is that a Fly Tying Forum t shirt in the 3rd picture? And if it is how do i get my hands on one?
  13. Looks like a great book thanks for sharing.
  14. Great looking vise thanks alot for sharing. I am looking forward to reading the review when you put it up. What's the ballpark cost on this vise?
  15. Maybe i just have a soft spot for nail polish but i use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.
  16. I dont think shipping to the US would be an issue at all. Not sure if Polar bear has an import ban or anything like that i cant see why tho there certainly are alot them in certain parts of the world. I would look into it first tho just to be safe.
  17. Again no affiliation but this was recently posted on my provincial Fly Fishing Site hope it helps. http://forum.flybc.ca/index.php?showtopic=20580
  18. Really interesting occupations and so wide spread. I am a Research and Development Chef. After 20 years in high end hotels and restaurants i sit at a desk Mon-Fri 7:30 -4. Not as glamrous or exciting but way better for my work/life balance. My wife is a manager of a Armoured Money service. She wears the gun in the family. Cheers, Dave
  19. I just got Dr.Slicks and am super happy with them they seem to hold very well and for 6 bucks Canadian it's tough to complain. I gave blood this week and they had forceps made from plastic that they used to tie off the bags. They also looked like they would be handy next time i'm in i will be leaving with a pair for sure.
  20. Hey Fred incredible as always and all the best with the family.
  21. If your talking serious bulk or can go in on some with some other members there is always Alibaba.com. The website is for pretty much anything produced in China. Not sure if this helps ya but the site is interesting to look through for anything and everything.
  22. All good Kevan either way i appreciate it.
  23. Great pics thanks for sharing. I have been skunked too many times to count and as long as i learn something or discover a new spot that may pay off next time it's an investment for the future and always rewarding. Were not that far apart and share similiar landscapes. Have you ever been to BC? I've been through Oregon several times but never fished unfortunately.
  24. I'm in. Pattern Yallered. Thanks alot for hosting Fred.
  25. The way you display your pictures is perfect.Having the two pictures is well designed and well thought out. The flies speak for themselves awesome as always.
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