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  1. Sometimes I will listen to Pandora or my iTunes library. I usually have dvds of Fly Tying the Angler's Art playing on my laptop or watching the episodes online. I really like listening to Leroy Hyatt talk about fly fishing and tying. He seems like a great guy and his voice is very soothing. The late Dave Engerbretson had a ton of knowlege and Carolyn Sells is good too. If you haven't seen these episodes, go to KWSU's website. Great stuff for the beginner.
  2. I went from a Cabela's master vise to a Renzetti Traveller. Huge difference in quality of my flies. After watching a few hundred hours of Fly Tying the Angler's Art with Leroy Hyatt, I have become interested in Dyna King. The Dyna King is a heavy workhorse of a vise and I like that. Maybe next year I will pick one up and use my Renzetti for a back up. I have to convince myself that I need another vice and distract my girlfriend when I bring it in the house!
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