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  1. or try dacron [backing] tie two over-hand knot's before cutting to lengh then tie in tight --- it won't pull out & gives alot of movment and 60-80lb.test
  2. Hay guy's no matter what happens I am mailing them out tomarrow 5 wieght-- if it cost to much to ship [ MORE THAN WORTH] SORRY i'LL SEND THEM TO OTHERS ---------- TO MUCH DRAMA IN THE lbcOLORADO
  3. looks like it could bit you
  4. wicked pattern--- is that a aligator gar?
  5. I mainly fish rivers -- in soulth park the wind is there just about everyday, I have bcome very use't to it --- I hate wind with every bit of my soul-- never liked it-- but in s.p. it's cool cause it will seprerate men & mice-- If the wind get upto 15 - 20 mph i just blowes people back to there cars & road--- yippie - I have many trick's as do others --- but you guy's on the big blue w/ 16ft. canonoe out in that kinda stuff would make me turn tail real quick yall got sea balls for sure and does that god stuff pertain to river guy's to? if so I will try to comand the forces of nature next time
  6. I have never fished a whitey spawn but pike I have and they will gourge themselves for a few - then won't touch anything & two weeks [ or so] they feast on anything again whitey's can be alot of fun
  7. groovy the stillborn stimi is truely named the" L.S.D." which stood for Limp Sparkle Dick -- cause that what one of my friends said it looked like when I first showed it to him - and I wasn't blamming you -- I just want to get off the thin ice & find more soild ground
  8. thank's I'll have to get a good picture of my stillborn stmi is part of my pink's & I didn't know her name was going to come up so I hope no trouble comes from that. but you seam to have a good sence of humor--- thank's
  9. my bad that last picture was a big ol' size #20 sorry here's a #24 little_slut.BMP
  10. like I said I get it -- I've heard it for years, so it isn't gunna get under my skin, they [the flies] get under the fishes jaw skin real nice though
  11. thank's guy's - - Mike I like to call it the " fire puss" but yeah I get it ha ha
  12. that's pretty country alright and some times the journey is the reward -- still sorry you did't get a fish
  13. her's a pearl for your collection --- I have aways been a fan of hot pink in my tying --- I've gotton alot of crap from the boy's as they like to call them " Kevan's fairy flies" but they really turn a trout on that's for sure -- the post suck's on this one as I tried to not use my vice corectly -- this is a size 24, I'm trying to warm up for the itsy bitsy's fire_puss.BMP
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