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  1. Sheet metal glued to sides and magnetic tape on the boxes hold them in place
  2. vac in sound deadened box hooked to pvc conduit to a port under pedestal
  3. ooooo, I love that kind of fishing, nice suggestion.
  4. thanks for the pointers everyone. sounds like quite the spot and it might well be my only visit in this lifetime. I'll probably remain my frugal self and go it without guide but at least you've started me on my path Wondering if I'll even be able to go outside in mid august being such an wimp from the upper left corner. 85ยบ around here and we wilt. Been 32 years since I spent a summer month in OKC.
  5. I don't think traveling 2hrs is going to fit this trip, when I'm already lodging next to a body of water, but it's good to hear about fishing in the general area for future trips or for the dear daughter to maybe explore. I don't know if the hatchery post is a joke or not, if not please don't be offended Blane but hatchery trout to a north western fly fisher is...I don't know the right words so let's just go with "not a high priority". Small mouth would be a high priority, large mouth are fine. What's the deal with Table Rock Lake? Obviously I need to rent a boat and the folks there could probably point me to some spots but I always like to quiz my brethren of the fly.
  6. My Daughter has chosen Cottey College in Nevada, MO; so I've got trips to the area on my radar. First up is the 3rd week in Aug when we drop her off. Dear wife has come across Big Cedar Lodge in the Branson area and a quick look was all I needed to agree to spending a few days there before dropping off the kid. I've seen a couple threads in the archives about the area but thought I'd start up my own thread asking for info/suggestions. Trout fishing is fine but I get plenty of that at home in the Pac NW, I likes me some bass/warm water fishing. When in Rome sort of thing What should I consider doing? Try some of the bigger lakes or seek out some smaller water? I guess I can pop for some boat rental time but maybe that's not necessary I really have no clue but I'm game for anything.
  7. I have one of those swimbaits....no way am I every tying it on the end of my line. sitting on display only, sorry Kirk.
  8. These are for the annual club auction/raffle.
  9. Dart's been doing it....as I'm sure others as well http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern6712.html
  10. I forgot the eye question. I got these from the place Kirk recommended a while back. really good deal http://lisa.staton.home.insightbb.com/lure_eyes.htm these will be given to my club for the holiday fundraiser BTW. Cork and Balsa turned on a dremel. Things I had no idea about until I was informed on this site. So fun, wish I had more bass around.
  11. these were done by spraying a usual feathered colors combination but then I've noticed that if you work at finding just a very light touch you can spray a light "splatter" of small spots. Then if you apply Sally Hansons the ink runs and blends. There are different results if you brush it on or apply drops and let it run around a bit. Hard to describe folks will just have to give a try and see what happens. These are my first ones.
  12. Have ya tried applying a little Sally's to the bodies after spraying on the ink? I think there's some interesting possibilities.
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