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  1. I see, the pictures really helped, I was imagining something very different. This dubble dubbing loop thing is new to me, I deffintetly have to try it! (I was trying to dubb in a way do that I endet up with every strand of hair sepparated, basically like a feather with deerhairfibers....but now I understand that I am suppused to treat it almost like regular dubbing) Thanx alot!
  2. I have read in several magazines that you can use the trimmings from bass bugs, mudlers and such for dubbing. However I've never seen a description, nor have I been very successful doing this. I would like some pointers and preferably a video. So far I think that the only material wich would work worse for dubbing is toothpicks....
  3. Thanks! The reason I want to know about different types of roosters is because I order alot of ebay and the swedish version of ebay and i want to know what I am buying and what not to buy, just a picture doesn't tell me as much as if I know what kind of rooster it is.
  4. I have a coq de leon saddle wich is brilliant, random veniard neck (also good) and som cheap indian and chinese things. But I am wondering about different species, how the next and saddles are on different coqs, what they are used for. For example I would like a saddle with superlong yet thin feathers so I can use one feather to tie say 3-5red tags. (unlike the coq de leon wich is like a triangle-shaped feather) The roosters I know the names of are Herbert miner, coq de leon and coch-y-bondeau. (of course I understand that JC doesnt beliong in the category) Help plz.
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