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  1. This might be over kill but if you scrape the hide with a blade. This will pull the fatty tisue off & then apply the sea salt. I you can --- take a thumb tack & tack it to your house [ hide out] in a place that get's the most sun
  2. I would fear the condom coming off and killing other water creatures. inovative yes
  3. so you think- The OSS is a cunning outfitt with mind control powers, perhaps your one of them
  4. TFO - casting for recoverry and hope rod this is what I got my girl-- it has pink writing & ribbon.perfect for a chick
  5. That is scary, I know to much now and fear the OSS is coming-- I know of an undergrounder that may be able to help in your quest Darrel Sickman a.k.a. D's Flies, I can not give you any more than that as I hear foot steps approaching
  6. not trying to offend but what is the deal mustad's" suck in my oppinion WHY?
  7. just signed up today. Are there chat rooms?
  8. it's just fine put it in the water
  9. any craft paper should do you good for a backdrop blue is a popular color
  10. the fly look's great one trick I do is to apply flex seal two the hair before you fold them back. This will help with the hair taking on water and make it a bit more durable. I don't know if that help, but it will make the bullet hold together better
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