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  1. T'WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CADDIS BY RICHARD FRANK Twas the night before Christmas when down by the stream The full moon looked out on a chill winter scene. A lone trout was sipping a midge in his brook, Untroubled by worries of fishers with hooks. Then from above a small sleigh did appear Pulled by a brace of eight tiny reindeer. It swerved of a sudden and down it did glide, Settling its runners along the streamside. The fat, jolly driver dove into his sled And emerged with his three weight held high over head. "Thank you my elves for this wand smooth as silk. This break will be better than cookies and milk." So saying, he jumped from his sleigh with a chuckle, Hiked up his boots and cinched up his belt buckle. Santa meant business that cold winter's eve. A fish he would catch - that you'd better believe. Looking upstream and down, he spotted that trout, Then he open his flybox and took something out - "Size 32 midges are only for faddists I'll go with my favorite tan reindeer caddis." So he cast out his line with a magical ease And his fly floated down just as light as you please. And it drifted drag free down the trout's feeding lane, But the fish merely wiggled a fin of disdain. "Oh Adams, oh Cahill, oh Sulphur, oh Pupa, Oh Hopper, oh Coachman, oh Olive Matuka! I've seen every fly in the book and the box. I'm old and I'm wary and sly as a fox. To catch me you'll need an unusual gift, For a present this common no fin will I lift." Old Nick scratched his head for his time it grew short The reindeer behind him did shuffle and snort. He looked once again in his box for a fly When a pattern compelling attracted his eye. "The Rudolph!" he muttered and grinned ear to ear "Far better to give than receive, so I hear." So he cast once again and his magic was true, And the trout it looked up and knew not what to do. "This fly has a body of bells don't you know, And if that's not enough there's a shining red nose! I know it's fraud and I know it's a fake, But I can't help myself. It's I gift I must take!" So he rose in swirl and captured that thing, Flew off down the stream. Santa's reel it did sing. "Ho!" shouted Santa, "You're making my day. If the heavens were water, you'd be pulling my sleigh." So, Santa prevailed and released his great rival First taking great care to ensure its survival. He then mounted his sled and he flew out of sight Shouting, "Merry Caddis to trout and to all a good night
  2. That would have to be the elusive GL steelhead..............
  3. Well just for the hell of it my first steelie this year came on a white zonker that was the first one I had ever tied and first time fished.......wham 10lb male.so there yu have it.......picture is in my gallery.....
  4. Dam skunk sounds like your having a bad week,first the easter bunny incident( )with your goods being destroyed and now the goods are coming back after you.I think you need to go fishing ( ) whats that saying its not the size of the chicken its how big was the......c#@& tight lines.....
  5. I"M not sure if its safe enough to venture into this discussion,but what the hell I'll take a shot at it.I have only fished the GL waters of western ny for steelhead and have been doing it for quite some time now,and tho the majority of flies used have either been egg related or streamer related with the occasional nymph patterns thrown in for good measures.I honestly cant say one works better than the other,just that they all seem to do quite well when presented properly.One pattern this winter tho that did rock the snot out of these fish was the caddis larvae in size #14,but then followed up with a #8 white wooly bugger would literally knock the shit out of all day long.I think i'm wondering off a litttle here so I leave it along for now.Hope this does something for ya....... ( ) tight lines..........and get to the backing
  6. fishaholic

    Road kill

    couldnt you just plea ignorance and say these things tried attacking your vehicle and that it was all done in self defense... ( )
  7. Well as a fellow western new yorker of the southern tier area,it is always a good feeling when the first of april rolls around but yes unfortunatly the weather is always a large factor.I guess this year is going to be no exception to the rules as they are calling for heavy thunderstorm in this area today.Still all in all I myself am glad to see it come,the only major problem I always have is do I pull out the 3wt and go for natives and stockies or take the (new) 7wt out for the elusive steelhead(decision,decisions).Oh well we will just have to play this one out.Good luck to all that venture out..........and tight lines
  8. there is a game out there called trophy river.I own it and have played it for some time.Its not to bad, the fishing options are really kewl plus believe it or not it has a really nice fly selection to choose from.I believe it is still available to buy.I would check on ebay for it or possibly on amazon.com.I would give it about a 6 or 7 rating.you can either drift boat fish it or walk the banks casting to the fish.Hope this is a little helpful for ya. tight lines and spring has come to ny.........jerry out
  9. Hell man I still have to go out and shoot me a dam deer just to tye up all these dam flies and now you want them WHEN...........I'm with skunk on this one!!!!!! ( )
  10. OK I thought it over and have finally decided what to do....so I will be doing the famous deer hair mouse.........ole mr.bucketmouth just loves them!!!!!! tight lines and away we go.........Jerry!!!
  11. Well I've been playing around lately with this craft foam and have been having a ball tying these up.I hope they work as well as they look,I guess we will find out this summer.The frog pattern is the one that pujic has listed on the site,its alot of fun to make and should be interesting to fish.The dragonfly is just something I threw together from looking at some of the other styles and patterns I had seen throughout this site.Hope you like um.... tight lines and yahoo spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hey killer I live about 45 minutes from the lake,and have fished it numerous times.The lake is about 27 miles long and holds alot of fish.The lake is well known for the musky fishing but you have to cover alot of water to find them.If your experienced at catching these monsters then you should have a good time up here going after them.Just another heads up on this lake ...the bass fishing is phenominal along with the walleye fishing(mostly done at night).IF your gonna be driving up here to NY I would also recommend a couple other smaller lakes all loaded with muskies also.Those would be findley lake,cassadaga lake,and bear lake(my favorite).I have personally caught muskies in both bear and cassadaga. Well good luck and pm me if you need more info tight lines and hold on tight!!!!!!!!
  13. Talk about alot of things being broken.Dam you should of just stayed home and drank.What was worse fixing the rod or fixing the finger?????
  14. Well it would be my first swap,and I feel im up to the challenge so with a little guidance I would be more than willing to say "im in".......fly tbd
  15. I am currently holding the magazine in my lap at my desk at work and I did read the article.That defininetly sounds like alot of fun.I take the family every year to canada for a week and one of the things we do up there is snorkel around the lake side looking for what ever we can find.great article travis......... Thank God for Smallies
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