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  1. I am a novice tyer but got a tip from a veteran. I use pearl flashabou. It is strong, adds a nice flash and costs under $4 to tie over 100 scuds in a pack. My .02
  2. I thank you all for your input. since it is working, I will stick with it. Frank
  3. I've been a fishing addict for 25 years. This is my first season trout fishing, fly tying and fly fishing. All in all I have done well, Probably beginners luck . I only use the ones I know how to tie : adams,henrickson and blue wing drys (all Parachutes), and hares ear, blue wing olive, pheasant tail and prince nymphs and scuds. After all this My question is, most of the veteran fly guys suggest I use a strike indicator as a rookie, and yet none of them do. What is the disadvantage to the indicators and when do you switch away from them ? P.S I don't use the indicators with the dry fly's (I'm not that green)
  4. I have been tying for 7 months now WOW. My girlfriend bought me a renzetti cam traveler. Works fine for me but I have no experience with any others. Just felt like posting lol
  5. I've been fishing for 30 years, mostly saltwater and shad. My buddy has been trying to get me to go steelhead fishing for years. This year I went and loved it. Six times. Caught fish on black stones, so I learned to tie them. Liked tying so I decided to try fly fishing for trout in my home waters. Learned to tie basic nymphs, scuds and drys. I never had a desire to go for trout because I figured that why catch these small fish when I get big stripers. Well, I stand corrected, I have been fly fishing trout for only 3 weeks and absolutely love it. It is a great feeling fooling the trout on fly's that I tie in the kitchen. Plus my friends kid showed me a spot 10 minutes from my house. No lie caught 19 trout in 4 tripos this week. 14 on nymps, 5 on dry's. I don't even care how big they are it is a real blasty. Sorry for the long winded intro. Frank
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